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RM customs XS650

RM customs XS650 ramon – XS650 build in progress. I bought  this bike from a junk shop. It was just laying there waiting for someone to take care of it. Wider back rim with mono shock mod to back end.

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The lowdown on The TC Bros. 2

The lowdown on The TC Bros. part 2 Here’s a quick video interview with the TC Bro. Check it out.. And, Here is a phone call interview I had with Tyler a few years ago. Click here to find some nice pics of XS650’s built by...

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The Lil Rascal

ROGER – This bike was built using a 1981 XS650 Special as a starting point.  The frame has been completely re-worked and given a new tail section with an R1 mono-shock set-up. Extensive fabrication work has been done and...

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Buy a T-shirt – Win a headlamp

[highlight]WIN A NEW Deadbeat Customs headlamp![/highlight] New, limited-edition Xs650 Chopper T-shirt in Stock – Ready to ship to your doormat.. * Free Shipping in the USA! Premium 6.0 oz –Heavyweight T-shirt. Deadbeat...

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