If you aren’t a biker or know anything about motorcycle clubs, it can be easy to offend certain groups. However, a lot of motorcycle clubs will let this slide (if you’re lucky) since they know you aren’t aware of biker etiquette. But what happens if you actually are a biker?

If you are in a biker bar, you have to be careful what you say. But what if you are outside of the bars and just in the open air and just talking to another biker? Most motor club enthusiasts know there are things you shouldn’t say to another motorcycle club member or motorcycle club organization. But if you happen to be one of the few clueless out there, then read on below to make sure you aren’t saying the wrong things.

In the video below by Professional Monkey, he talks about an encounter traveling with his wife. They make a pit stop at a scenic landmark and are wearing their cuts. His wife, who is outgoing and friendly and wants to talk to everyone, compliments another woman’s hat. The woman’s husband who is wearing a slick vest that is plain and with no patches turns around and says the following – which of course are things you should never say to a motorcycle club member:

Is that a Real Club?

In the video below, Professional Monkey says “this is not a way to start a conversation.” And he’s right. Who says hello this way? It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, but asking another person if what they are wearing is real, will offend most people. Professional Monkey’s wife has a great response and she says, “as real as you are… buck.”

Professional Monkey handles this with class and does tell him that his organization has been around for 30 years and even tells him that they empower kids to not be afraid of the world they live in.

I Know Your Founder

In the video, the man Professional Monkey is talking to says the above. As he says, this is a cardinal sin in the motorcycle community. You just don’t name drop. According to Professional Monkey, even if you know someone in the club, you don’t mention that person’s name, because then you are speaking on their behalf and you don’t have the right to do that.

He makes another point as to why you should not be name-dropping. Because you are trying to use that person’s “chips in the bucket” for which you personally don’t have any.

Professional Monkey goes on to say that this man says he knows the founder, and that he’s out of California. Which he replies, “I know my founder too – and he’s out of Utah.”

In the video, he says that by even giving inaccurate information, it shows you are full of crap and even makes the name dropping worst when you have wrong information.

I Taught You Guys

Professional Monkey says the guy tell him and his wife that he did consulting work for his organization and taught them how to present and sale stuff. He also said it was because “you guys needed help.”

Professional Monkey is completely offended and tell this person that he was never trained by him and doesn’t need the training and that he’s wrong. “Who is this clown?” is what he says.

Are You a Backseat?

This guy also assumes Professional Monkey’s wife is a backseat. It’s ok if you are, but women who actually learn to ride and get their own bike and even wrench on their bike should be given the respect they deserve. And it should not be assumed they are a backseat just because they are female. And in many organizations, females earn patches.


Most people with common sense will know not to say a lot of the above. However, if you are just clueless of the biker lifestyle, make sure you aren’t saying the wrong things as you could really end up in a bad place – verbally and physically.

The guy who said this to Professional Monkey, we really hope he didn’t encounter someone else with a short temper as this guys days could be numbered if he keep saying the wrong things.