-04 2015

Tom – I started out with a stock 1980 bike, which was blowing a bit of smoke so I changed the piston rings and that sorted it out. Then I chopped the frame and welded on a TC Bro’s hardtail, it took me 12 months from cutting the frame to getting the bike back on the road for shakedown… and that was 2 years ago. Since then it has been on and off the road constantly with various repairs/painting/polishing required to get it to where it is today.

-02 2015 -03 2015 fdgdfgd

It has a Hugh’s Handbuilt PMA charging system on it. Originally I had a battery with electric start and Boyer Branson Ignition. But after several problems I bit the bullet and bought a Morris Magneto, battery eliminator, and scrapped the electric start. I’ve never looked back, it makes starting and running the bike so much easier!! As it’s my first custom bike, I have learnt a lot along the way – welding, fabricating, wiring, etc etc, so it has been a big learning curve.

-05 2015 -06 2015

As you can see, there are lots of custom parts that I have made for the bike, the tank and fender are pre-unit Triumph, the headlight is some 50’s BSA style replica, the bars are for a Velocette. I took lots of inspiration from lots of places, especially this website!

-09 2015 dsfsf

I have also remade a lot of bits that broke during shakedown (mainly sissy bars!). My dad made the custom brass bits you see, he has helped and supported me right from the start with this bike, so a big thank you to him and all my other biker buddies that chipped in along the way. Anything you want to know just ask!