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XS 650’S AT MOONEYES 2010….. My very first column which I did here two years ago, where about the Yokohama Hot Rod & Custom Show 2008. Time flies…. In PART
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Hans from Holland part 16

Hans from Holland # 16- Bigtwin Bike Show 2010. Like every year Bigtwin Custom magazine organized Holland’s largest custom bike show. Last years take place at the Autotron Museum in
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xs650-chop-img. blz 8

Hans from Holland #15

LynXS,the build up and some more details……. Hello again fooXS, In part #13 of this column you’ve seen my LynXS café-fighter and I promised to show some more details and
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Hans from Holland-The Artists

Hans from Holland sent is this pic of a drawing he put together for the o4 Netherlands XS Magazine. Haha category/hans-from-holland/ Hans-from-holland-part-13/


Hans from Holland PART # 14

THE COOLEST XS 650’s ON THE PLANET ! Hey droolin’ dudes, In part # 13 of this column I’ve promised you to share some tech info and details of my
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Hans from Holland PART # 13

LynXS Café-fighter Amazing all the frequent updates here with all kind of XS 650 twins. Great to see so much variation on the XS theme. Trackers, chops, bobbers, café-racers, I
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