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Why Do Dogs Hate Motorcycles?

Dog owners need to be cautious and aware of everything that affects the physical and mental health of their pets. One thing that dogs absolutely detest is the sight of a motorcycle. It can get worse if you try to make your dog...

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Is a 250 Motorcycle Big Enough?

Choosing a motorcycle can be a challenging task, especially if you’re a newbie in this field. And when it comes to choosing 250cc motorcycles, the struggle can get real. So, is a 250 motorcycle big enough? The answer...

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Do HOAs Allow Motorcycles?

Motorcycles play an important role in our lives. From commuting to sports to touring to service of our businesses. There is no denying that they are as good or even better at some point than those of cars. The number of...

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What Size Trailer For 2 Motorcycles?

Getting a trailer for 2 motorcycles will be one of the toughest purchase decisions that you’ll ever face. There are tons of factors that you need to consider before buying bike trailers. To make things even harder, the types of...

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When Did Motorcycles Become Fuel Injected?

It’s amazing how motorcycles have improved over the years. Of all the upgrades to motorcycles, perhaps the replacement of carburetors with fuel injection was the most meaningful. But when did motorcycles become fuel injected?...

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How Wide is a 240 Motorcycle Tire

The tire sizes and ratings are usually the key factors to consider when purchasing tires for your motorcycles. When rating a bike, there are many design factors involved, including the width, aspect ratio, the speed rating of...

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Can I Use 5w30 on My Motorcycle?

This motor oil is specially refined, and it is extensively used in light-duty diesel and petrol engines. Like other motor oils under production today, this motor oil is multigrade. So, from the various grades, you may choose...

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