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1979 xs650 s#itbox

Bought this bike complete for $200. It hadn’t been cranked in 25 years. Spent a few minutes cleaning the carbs and working out some electrical issues and fired it up.
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Stevens xs650 Chopper

This is my very first bike build. It started as a bone stock 1981 XS that I bought off craigslist for 1000$. Got the bike to run right away with
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Kevins 81 Xs650

81 xs650 I bought as a basket case with a butchered hardtail job and really terrible welds all over. The only quality things it had going for it were the
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79 Bobbed Rat

Found this ’79 with under 6K miles. Didn’t run, and the owner didn’t have the patience to see it through. (more…)


Hand Crafted xs 650

Hi guys I put this bike together about 4 years ago . Most of everything was built with an angle grinder and a mig welder . (more…)


Wings Of Gold

This is my first xs650. 1979 xs650 special is how it started out. I cut off the back and welded on a brat kit from visual impact. (more…)