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Grease’s ‘76 XS Chopper

I bought this bike for $200 with a half cut frame and a seized motor. Over the past few years I’ve done just about everything you can do to a
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DuffyMetalWorks 78 XS650 Special

This bike has been an on and off project for the past few years. (more…)


Josh’s 200mm Wide Tire

This is a build I just finished. EVERYTHING was modified and fabricated by myself except the TC Bros hardtail, which I modified by cutting it straight down the center and
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Brick House XS 650 Build

Here is an 80 model, tc bros hardtail. +4 legs on lowers. (more…)


XS Japan Style 1980

Fork lowered by 10cm, rear shock absorber replaced by machined to measure. (more…)


Jasons 1981 Yahama xs650

It’s a 1981 yahama xs650 turned into a hardtail/bobber. Started as a stock XS . (more…)