The Comanchero Motorcycle Club has a storied past that began in Australia. It was founded during the tough times of 1966 in Sydney. As they grew, they went from being just a group of friends who loved motorcycles to one of the most well-known outlaw motorcycle clubs. Their history is marked by events that often put them on the wrong side of the law, affecting how the public sees them.

Throughout their existence, the Comancheros have been involved in significant conflicts. One of the most infamous events was the Milperra Massacre, a violent battle between the Comancheros and another club called the Bandidos. This confrontation led to a significant loss of life and had lasting consequences for the club’s image and relationship with Australian authorities.

Key Takeaways

  • The Comanchero Motorcycle Club originated in Sydney, Australia, and became a prominent outlaw motorcycle gang.
  • They have been central to major conflicts, including the Milperra Massacre, which impacted their public image.
  • The Comancheros’ legal issues have further shaped the public’s view of outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Origins and Evolution

Founding of the Comanchero MC

The Comanchero MC was formed by William George “Jock” Ross, a man from Scotland who moved to Australia. In 1966, he started the club in Sydney, New South Wales. Jock Ross was called the “Supreme Commander” of the club, which means he was the boss. He ran the club in a very strict way, kind of like how the military is run.

Major Events and Conflicts

The Comanchero Motorcycle Club has been involved in some serious events and fights. These include a big battle at a place called Milperra, fights with another motorcycle group, times when leaders tried to take control from each other, and a big fight at an airport. These events have shaped the club’s history.

Milperra Massacre

On a day we celebrate dads, a terrible event called the Milperra Massacre took place. Members of the Comanchero and their rivals, the Bandidos, had a big gunfight at a bar called the Viking Tavern. This sad event led to the deaths of seven people, which included members from both clubs and a young girl named Leanne Walters.

Conflict with the Hells Angels

The Comanchero have also had serious fights with the Hells Angels. These violent clashes often happen because the groups disagree about who should be in charge of certain areas and who can make rules.

Struggles for Leadership

Inside the Comanchero club, there have been fights about who should be the leader. One leader, named Mahmoud “Mick” Hawi, was called the boss for a while. But there are often challenges and disagreements, and sometimes these can lead to fighting within the club itself.

Sydney Airport Brawl

One time, in 2009, a big fight broke out at Sydney Airport. This involved the Comanchero and another group. The leader of the Comanchero at that time, Mick Hawi, was there during this battle. Sadly, this fight also led to someone losing their life. This event showed everyone how serious the fights between motorcycle clubs could be.

Cultural Impact and Public Perception

The Comanchero Motorcycle Club has had a noticeable effect on the way people think about biker clubs. Their actions have been shown in the media, and they’ve been mentioned in stories that have shaped their public image.

Media Representation

Journalists like Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey have documented the Comanchero Motorcycle Club in their book, which gives insight into the club’s activities. For instance, the club’s involvement in the tragic death of Leanne Walters, a fourteen-year-old girl, during a shootout at a tavern carpark, has been reported, influencing how the public sees motorcycle clubs.

Influence on Popular Culture

The club has also made its way into popular culture through references in web content and games, reflecting the fascination and concerns with outlaw motorcycle gangs. Books like Hunter S. Thompson’s exploration of biker culture with the Hell’s Angels highlight the intrigue and wariness that such clubs inspire in the public. Mick Hawi, a notable former leader of the Comanchero, also influenced how the club is portrayed and discussed in media and conversations about biker culture.

Legal Challenges and Law Enforcement

The Comanchero Motorcycle Club has faced tough laws and police actions. Here’s how authorities are working to stop their illegal activities.

Legislation Against Bikie Gangs

Government have made new laws to control motorcycle gangs like the Comancheros. In Australia, they have a rule called the “serious crime prevention order.” This rule stops gang members from doing certain things to make it harder for them to break the law. For instance, it prevents them from meeting up or talking to each other.

High-Profile Arrests and Trials

Police have caught some big leaders of the Comanchero gang. One time, the Australian Federal Police arrested a man named Mark Buddle. He was very important in the gang and got into big trouble for drug smuggling. Another leader, Tarek Zahed, also got caught. The police keep working to find bad guys and take them to court.

International Efforts Against Organized Crime

The Comanchero gang is not just in Australia. They are in other places too, like New Zealand and Turkey. The police in Turkey, called Turkish police, work with other countries to stop the gang from doing bad things. In a big city named Istanbul, they arrested a Comanchero member named Alex Vare, because he did things against the law. Countries are teaming up to fight these gangs together.