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XS TRIKE-4 2014


Duane – I named this Sweet Chariot. I finished this on the 4th of July. Home made springer and rear end.  It has a homemade rear end, the spider gears
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-4 2014

1979 XS650 Family Plan

Jeremy – Hello all. When I was 16 my father built me a chopper to tool around on. I rode it quite a bit, never too far from home though.
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1978 XS-Minnesota Special-1 2014

1978 XS-Minnesota Special

This bike sat for 20erso years. I learned to do almost everything on it. Opened it up last winter and replaced the cam chain guides, did a valve job, all
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noid-Parts_Bike_Day1_Pic3-3 2014

My First Build, EVER.

Rowland Marshall – So I had been holding out for a Harley since I was 14. I had come close a few times but something always got in the way, so
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mid life crisis

This started as a bare frame given to me by my best friend, its a 79 with a Pandemonium Hard Tail. Then i added a battary box headlight mount font
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fibreglass sidecar xs650

Rich – Short story, in the late 50’s/ early 60’s my dad had a business making a fibreglass sidecar of his own design called a Clarendon and after a 25year search
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