-1 2014

Jeremy – Hello all. When I was 16 my father built me a chopper to tool around on. I rode it quite a bit, never too far from home though. Then it got passed around by my brothers for awhile before coming back to me. Several years ago I resurrected it with the help from my father and we’ve been tweaking on it ever since. 

-2 2014 -4 2014
The frame was an old triumph frame that was laying behind the motorcycle shop we frequent. My dad had to make the backbone removable so we could get the engine in and out of it. My brother made me the electrical box and my cousin donated the old school twisted handlebars. I’ve bored the motor out to 76mm pistons and put a HHb PMA in it. Dad made the forward controls and I wired it up. 

It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of time spent with my dad tinkering on this bike. It’s a chopper so it never really will be done as long as we’re both kicking but it’s quite a bit more reliable now and it’s a blast to ride.