-2 2014

Bought this bike as a non runner, with a fried wiring harness. But, the engine wasn’t froze up, so there was hope.  Stripped it totally down. Chopped off anything unnecessary, including most of the middle to rear section.  Stretched the swing arm 3 inches, and fabbed up a way to use to softail shocks I had.  I reworked the seat area of the frame to give it some nice curvy lines. 

-1 2014
Rewired the bike with the bare necessities. Kickstart only. But fires right up……now. 🙂 That took a little doing at first. Carbs reworked and so on. I cut the front fender and did a little tweaking to use it as the rear fender. I laced in a Kawasaki mini drum on the front wheel and kept the back stock. 

Stripped the paint off an old dented king sporty tank and just clearcoated it. I painted the frame a black cherry pearl. Hence the name of the bike. Kept the stock bars and the mid foot controls. I’m sure there’s lots of other little stuff I’m forgetting, but that’s the basic idea. 

The bike is a blast to ride. Thanks to monster craftsman for the chain tensioner. TCbros for the battery box. Low brow customs for the exhaust kit and tape. Galaxy grips for the cool amber grips. 

Thanks to you all for the ideas. 
This one was fun.