Michelle Rodriguez, widely recognized for her roles in high-octane blockbusters, harbors a deep passion for the world of motorcycles—a facet that mirrors the adrenaline-filled characters she often portrays on screen. Her venture into biking wasn’t a scripted act for an action-packed scene but a personal journey, fueled by a love for speed and the unparalleled sense of freedom that comes with riding on the open road. She doesn’t just play a tough, fearless character; she lives that narrative in her real life through her affinity for motorcycles.

In the video below, she talks about her love for SUPERBIKES. Here are some things we learned.

1. Her Friend Genghis Got Her Into Bikes

It was her friend, known affectionately as “Genghis,” who introduced her to the thrill of motorcycles. Genghis, whose moniker evokes the famous Mongolian ruler known for his power and conquests, shares a bond with Rodriguez over their mutual love for speed and power on two wheels.

Understanding the impact Genghis has had on Rodriguez isn’t just about noting who introduced her to bikes; it’s acknowledging how he contributed to cultivating a significant aspect of her identity. Just as riding a motorcycle is about the journey, not just the destination, Rodriguez’s riding adventures with Genghis are a reflection of their shared journey through life’s myriad paths.

2. She Loves The Ducati Diavel

Michelle gravitates towards the Diavel for its unmatched combination of power, performance, and style. Here’s what makes this bike resonate with her:

Powerhouse Performance: At the heart of the Diavel is an 1198cc Testastretta engine, a detuned version of what launched the Ducati 1198 Superbike to fame. Its commanding presence on the road aligns well with Michelle’s powerhouse performances on screen.

Speed & Agility: The Ducati Diavel is renowned for its speed. In fact, it has been recorded to reach a top speed of 169 miles per hour, a thrilling feature for any adrenaline seeker.

Unique Style: Its sleek and muscular design mirrors Rodriguez’s image as a tough, fierce icon. This bike doesn’t just provide a ride; it makes a statement, just as she does.

3. She Trained With A Private Instructor Before Riding A Superbike

Before Michelle Rodriguez took on the challenge of a 200-horsepower superbike, she made the wise decision to seek the expertise of a private instructor.

Her experience underlines the importance of being mentally and physically prepared before taking on a superbike. Learning from a private instructor provided her with tailored advice and undivided attention, ultimately enhancing her abilities and confidence on the bike. Take a leaf out of her book, and commit to proper training and preparation before you venture into the exhilarating world of superbikes.

4. She’s An Adrenaline Junkie, But She’s Careful

Despite her love for high-speed thrills, Rodriguez doesn’t throw caution to the wind. Safety is a priority for her; she understands the risks involved in her high-adrenaline activities. Her approach involves a mix of excitement and meticulous care. She knows that proper gear, such as helmets and protective clothing, is non-negotiable when riding.

5. Being On The Road On A Bike Is The Closest Thing To Flying. She Loves The Open Road.

When you mount a bike, there’s a unique sense of liberation, a feeling that Michelle often equates to flying. The road stretching before you becomes a tarmac, each twist, and turn an echo of the freedom one would feel soaring through the skies.

The visceral sensation of the tires gripping the pavement, the symphony of engine sounds, they’re all parts of the intricate dance of motorcycling that Michelle Rodriguez knows so well. Your surroundings become a blur, while you remain centered, navigating through the rush of the wind—much like a pilot charting a course in the endless skies. Hence, for her, the bike isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a pair of wings.