79-bobber-3I bought my bike all original in 2011 after searching for it for about a year. When I first got it I did minor modifications, cutting off the rear 2-up and making a solo seat, making the front fender a rear, painting it, and chopping and polishing the forks by hand (16hrs).

The next year came around and I wanted to hard tail it. So i talked to my friend who is an amazing fabricator (instagram: @superweldy) and my other friend who is a mechanical engineer ( @duballstars_dean) and we came up with a custom one off frame design.


It’s not that unlike any other, but it was done to my specs. It’s 3″ lower with 0 stretch.
When the frame got finished, I wanted to trade in the mags for some spokes.


I elected for a front 21″ from a ’79 dt250 and rear 18″ from a yz490 (yes, that is an mx rear).


I also lowered the front forks 2.5″ with a Hugh’s Handbuilt lowering kit.


I got some spacers machined up and had a roller. I wanted to upgrade the electrical system as well, so i went with a pamco pete ignition and a hhb pma. I found the headlight for $10 at a hot rod swap meet in Puyallup WA and added some clip ons for that english style look I was going for.


Bought a taillight from lowbrow customs and found a used kick stand from a local wrecker. fashioned a seat out of aluminum and added some 3″
springs and it was basically complete.

I also might add i built the bike in my apartment living room.


By Heavy Dev


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