I sold my Monster and bought a little XS650. It was a custom bobber. It is also featured on over here – it’s called ‘Streched swingarm’ (I made an error in the header, which makes it really easy to find). People kept asking ‘did you build it? I had to answer ‘no’. So I decided to start my own project.

I found another XS, cheap enough to cut up and got started in a spare room in the house. I designed the motor/oil tank mount and sidemount with pencil and paper made it out of steel. Made a brake pedal pivot out of a conrod.

The rear fender I bought at LedSled Customs in the Netherlands, where I live. It is made from the roof of a military Hummer. The part where the 50Cal sits. The paintjob inspiration came from a toy car of my son. I always liked the look of NASCARs from the earlier days.

So scallops, racing stripe and number, sponsors and black wheels it had to be. I found a painter who was starting out and was looking for some more media attention. He did an awesome job!

This is my first build. I had the hard tail welded on for me by a local shop. All the other welds I did. That’s basically how I learned to weld. I borrowed a MIG welder and started welding scrap metal.

After a day or two I decided it was time for the real stuff, so I started welding on the frame. I soda blasted the motor, checked the valve clearances and compression. All good, so I decided not to open the motor. Gave it a good clean and painted it silver.

I turns brownish at the hot parts, even though I used heat resistent paint. I kept the electrics really simple. Kick only, no battery. So wiring up the bike was not too hard. It fired the first attempt. (After 60 kicks😂) I’m really proud of how it turned out. It stands out from the crowd and I Usually get a lot of thumbs up when I ride it.

Time spent: a lot (4 years on and off)

Motorcycle cost: 700,- Euro

Money spent: +/- 6000,- Euro

Engine: Stock XS650. 653cc parallel twin.

Checked for tolerances, compression etc. and repainted at home. Fake Moon chopper oil tank contains electronics.

Intake: ‘Street Tracker’ Single intake by Wise Guys Choppers, Mikuni VM36 roundslide carb.(later added, so not on all pics.)

Exhaust: Ya’Mama by Pandemonium Custom Choppers. Wrapped.

Transmission: Stock 5 speed. Changed gear for longer 5th.

Frame: Stock front, custom hardtail designed by me. 2 inch drop/4 inch stretch.(Build at a local shop) Custom motor/oil tank mount. Harley Sportster tank. LedSled Customs rear fender (made from the roof of a military Hummer)

Suspension: Stock forks, shortened with internal bushings and polished alu. Short Cut Choppers fork brace.

Wheels, tires and brakes: Stock wheels powdercoated. 19′ front, 16′ rear. Bridgestone BT45 tires. Stock brakes, removed paint and polished. Finish – Paint: Powdercoated at a local shop. Paintjob by Martijn Krabman from Krabman Signs.

Accessories: Vintage Gran Turismo grips 70’s N.O.S. Biltwell slimline risers. Sportster tank. Biltwell solo seat. PowerDynamo electronic ignition. Moon chopper oil tank. MonsterCraftsmen Powell Peralta chain tensioner. Ford Model T taillight.

Submitted by Martijn van Geenen