Bought the 79. Kick only off Craigslist in Illinois. A bit of a drive from Missouri, not too bad for a cool project. My buddy Fud and I picked it up a few months ago and have been working on it ever since. Still have to redo the exhaust, and do the front forks down to see why they bottom out.

When I bought this bike, it had the tank rusted already. Thought it was cool, so I made a race inspired rear Cowel and they rusted it to match. I made the bars. I turned the Forward controls into three-quarter controls because I don’t like meds. They’re too tight and forward controls are too long.

I bought the seat off of eBay and an airbag from TC Bros. I’m getting old and if I’m riding a rigid I gotta have some comfort so airbag it is. The jockey shift set up was already on the bike sort of the left hand lever actuated the clutch. So you had to reach with your right hand off the throttle to shift the bike.

So I turn it in To a traditional Jockey shift set up. I ordered the old style Coke bottle shaped grips off eBay and a nice brown color to match the gas tank. Handlebars are three sets of chopped up Harley in Honda bars amalgamated into one off cool weirdness. I also ordered off of eBay to cowbells from an old FLH to put on my front end.

It definitely needed some cool. My brother Fud and I are in a car club called Roadrunners Galveston. So I guess now we have to be a motorcycle club and car club. I have not ridden a bike in several years. I have built several and a few of them have been published.

I am very excited to actually get this bike roadworthy at this point in time I have not ridden it but safety first. Also considering putting a 21 inch invader wheel on the front I think that would be sexy, but they are kind of pricey. In the future debating on installing a solid rear wheel.

Definitely needs an electronic ignition but it’s still a kick. Only and I’m gonna keep it that way no key no battery may try to fabricate a front fender at some point in time not sure on that matter yet. I do need to support the rear plate bracket it vibrates too much. I also need to figure out how to wire up a toggle and get a high beam so I can get my bike to pass inspection then obviously tag it and ensure it ready to run the streets of Washington Missouri.

Also working on a small metal front Cowell to go around the headlight which will also be rusted to match the tank. And rear Cowell at some point it may need some racing numbers but who’s to say and I do have an amber headlight from the 1940s that was given to me by a friend that definitely needs to find a home on this bike but I have not yet got it placed.

Once this bike is done I have been given a Husaburg Dirtbike 500 that is going to be a Mad Max style atrocity looking very forward to starting on that one I will keep the motor and the cradle. Fab dropseat rigid Rear section stretch it back a bit and probably put a Harley or a garter front end. Possibly leafspring maybe a cantilever? It will be a strip down no paint Street fighting manic chopper.

Thanks for listening rhino