I started this project when my brother – in -law gave me the non running donor bike. It took me 4 years of tinkering when i had the time. It’s finally on the road.  I won’t say its done.

Todd xs 650 2

Today, I won the People’s Choice award at a local bike show. It has an Ardcore hardtail. The tail light is from a 1941 Dodge,  and now has LED’s inside the original glass lense.

Todd xs 650 3

The rear fender strut was made out of 5/16 round stock. I traced my fire helmet shield to get the shape,  and made up and welded 343 inside it.  (343 FDNY firemen died in the world trade center on 9-11) My seat is hand tooled leather from Nomad Leather Tooling in Long Beach Ca.

Todd xs 650 4

He did an amazing job. The wooden axe handles have knots in the wood grain! Pandemonium Choppers made the pipes,  and Mike’s XS PMA takes care of the charging.

Todd xs 650 5

I kept the original points and condenser. The bars are Biltwell Keystones.  The frame is powder coated and The paint was done by Starr Autobody.

Todd xs 650 6

The box under the seat where I hide some of the electrics,  I made out of some scrap metal at a local surplus store.  I was fortunate to have Chopper guru Kyle of Lead-fist nearby for advice.

Submitted by Todd Bernier