The idea was simple, to collect parts on donation and/or trade, in an effort build a bike upon friendships – old and new. We all know a garage build can be tough to complete. Life loves to slow us down. So I figured, “hey, if I am going to live in the slow lane I might as well enjoy the process.”

Just what is this mess of a build? The La-Z-boy project is a cobbled, hammered, tooled, and chopped amalgamation of parts from an ’82 engine, ’79 frame, and an XS1 front end. It’s guts comprise of a HHB PMA, Pamco Pete ignition & E-advance and VM34’s from 650central.

The engine was in a pretty sad state when I got it but low, all it needed was a new valve and come carbon clean up. Plus a few stray parts. This is my first “official build” moving beyond the old, tank and light swap out and a tuck & roll seat. Making things are a little cattywompus and not practical.

The bike is still in the works and will be rewelding and painted parts this winter. The journey has taught me a thing or two about patients, friendship and engines.

Big dang old shout outs to Hill @ for the mentor ship, Tobias Lee for the photos and wisdom, Range Needle Work + the Cycle Heap Crew and of course MikesXS and Hugh @

You all fug’n rule! I’m buying the next round. 😉

Submitted by Dominic

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