This bike is a 1972 Yamaha XS650 or “XS2”. Even though the bike was built using an older motorcycle as a starting point, the bike is essentially brand new…read on to learn more details regarding the build. The bike has been completely torn down to the bare frame and with a smattering of grinder dust filling the air, modifications were done to the original 1972 frame and then it all got powder coated satin black by Powder Fab in Arlington, WA.

The rebuilt motor that was used for this build is a 447 engine from a 1978 model and has all new gaskets and seals along with a new XS Charge PMA charging system and Pamco electronic ignition system. The twin round-slide carbs on the bike are brand new Mikuni VM34’s with CNC machined aluminum intake manifolds and free flowing air filters.

The minimalist exhaust pipes are Hoos Racing TT pipes with hidden internal baffles installed. They appear to be straight pipes but keep the ticket givers at bay. The bike has an original and rare NOS Shell Thuett tank…used on flat track bikes in the 60’s and 70’s. Twin petcocks feed the fuel to the carbs through the 90 degree fuel filters.

The seat and seat pad are from Hot Wing Glass out of Florida. The paint work (’67 Shelby Blue) was done in house using Matrix Systems two part epoxy custom colors. The wheels were custom built by Pro Wheel out in Granite Falls with a wheel conversion kit for the rear wheel and all new wheel bearings and seals.

The tires are Shinko 268 series DOT approved dirt track tires with a 27.5 X 19 in the rear and a 27 X 19 up front. The drive chain is brand new as well. The brakes were not over looked and both calipers have been rebuilt and are fed via braided stainless steel brake lines with the rear being fed through a Brembo brake master cylinder and the front through a new Nissan master cylinder.

New brake pads as well. The instrumentation on the bike is a simple digital unit by Acewell that provides all the vital information to the rider is a compact unit. The lights are all new LED units and are super bright. The suspension is all new with Showa 41mm traditional forks and gas filled shocks out back. There are new tapered steering bearings in the headstock and new bronze bushings in the swing arm.

The bike has both kick and electric start and is a very inspiring bike to ride. It is very nimble in city traffic and It handles highway speeds with no problem at all and is an absolute blast on twisty mountain roads.

I have the bike up for sale for $5,000.00 CASH If you’re interested in checking it out please call us to set up a time for that. Test rides require the full asking price in cash as collateral or we can ride it for you to show you it is in full working order. (360) 386-9374

Submitted by ST Customs