Richard Hammond, a name synonymous with the thrilling world of automotive entertainment, has made his mark as one of the dynamic presenters of the ‘Top Gear’ series. Your love for motorcycles might just intersect with his, considering he’s not only an auto enthusiast but also a collector with a keen eye for two-wheeled classics. Hammond’s passion for bikes is evident in his diverse collection, ranging from vintage masterpieces to modern speed machines.

Exploring Hammond’s garage, you’ll find that each motorcycle tells a story, a reflection of his personal journey and the evolution of motorcycling through the decades. Whether you appreciate the history behind a vintage bike or the technical prowess of contemporary models, his collection is a treasure trove that encapsulates the spirit of motorcycling. Here’s our favorite 5:

1. 1927 Sunbeam Model 2

In Richard Hammond’s collection, the 1927 Sunbeam Model 2 stands out as a testament to motorcycle heritage and the enduring appeal of vintage bikes.

This Vintage Motorcycle Is A True Classic

With its vintage charm and rarity, it’s a bike that commands attention and respect. It was such a notable piece of Hammond’s collection that, when sold at a 2021 auction, it fetched around £7,100.

The Sunbeam Model 2 Is A Piece Of Motorcycling History, Known For Its Elegant Design And Craftsmanship

The Sunbeam Model 2 wasn’t just a means of transport; it was a work of art reflective of its era. Known for its elegant design and fine craftsmanship, it mirrors a time when each motorcycle boasted a unique character and quality. The beauty of this bike lies in the details, from its intricate engine parts to the iconic Sunbeam insignia.

Hammond’s Love For Vintage Bikes Is Evident In His Ownership Of This Iconic Machine

Owning a 1927 Sunbeam Model 2 was a clear nod to Hammond’s profound love for vintage bikes. It is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a slice of motoring history that enthusiasts dream of. This motorcycle isn’t merely ridden; it’s cherished and celebrated for its storied past.

2. 1976 Kawasaki Z900

When you consider the most iconic motorcycles, the 1976 Kawasaki Z900 undoubtedly earns its place. This classic bike is not just a piece of motorcycling history; it is also a significant part of Richard Hammond’s personal collection.

The Kawasaki Z900 Was A Powerhouse During Its Time

During the mid-70s, the Kawasaki Z900 stood out as a true powerhouse on the streets. It delivered exceptional power and performance that was unmatched by most of its competitors at the time. Its reputation was that of a bike that could readily showcase both brawn and beauty.

With A Four-Cylinder Motor Producing A Whopping 80Hp, It Was The Fastest Production Bike Of Its Era

The heart of the Kawasaki Z900 was its four-cylinder motor, an engineering marvel capable of churning out a staggering 80Hp. This significant horsepower made it the fastest production bike during its years of dominance, allowing you to feel the rush of true speed and agility.

Engine DetailsSpecifications
TypeInline Four-Cylinder
Max Power80Hp
Cooling SystemAir-Cooled

Hammond Fondly Refers To It As The “Poster Bike” Of His Childhood Dreams

Hammond’s adoration of the Kawasaki Z900 goes beyond its impressive specs. He often celebrated it as the “poster bike” of his childhood, revealing a personal connection that transcends its material value. The bike was a nostalgic piece for him, echoing the dreams of many motorbike enthusiasts who grew up in the 70s.

3. 1977 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing

Richard Hammond’s impressive motorcycle collection wouldn’t be complete without a closer look at the 1977 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing. This bike is renowned for being a reliable powerhouse that can eat up the miles with ease.

The Honda Gold Wing Is Famous For Its Speed, Power, And Reliability

When you think of the 1977 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing, you’re looking at a machine that sets the standard for long-distance riding. It’s powered by a 1000 cm3 / 60.9 cui engine which gives out 60.3 kW / 82 PS / 81 hp, punching well above its weight for the time. Reliability isn’t just a buzzword with this model; it’s a proven trait that has made the Gold Wing a legend on the roads.

Although It Didn’t Claim The Title Of Fastest Production Bike (That Honor Went To Kawasaki), It Remains An Iconic Machine

While the Kawasaki may have held the record for the fastest bike back then, the Gold Wing’s structural design continued to turn heads. It introduced features such as a new disc braking system to address initial concerns with the wet-weather braking. This commitment to improvement kept it in good stead amongst its peers.

Hammond Welcomed This Big-Engine Motorbike Into His Garage, Appreciating Its Performance

Richard Hammond saw more than just speed in this stalwart of a motorcycle. The Gold Wing’s sheer grunt and endurance made it a treasure worth adding to his collection. With its 5-speed manual powertrain and cruising capabilities, the ’77 Gold Wing became a testament to Hammond’s taste for bikes that promise adventure and dependability.

4. Honda NSR125R

Richard Hammond’s foray into the realm of sports bikes is exemplified by his acquisition of the Honda NSR125R. This motorcycle not only reflects his taste for speed but also his commitment to evolving as a rider.

The NSR125R Marked Hammond’s Entry Into The World Of Sports Bikes

Your journey into the high-adrenaline world of sports bikes mirrors Hammond’s when he chose the Honda NSR125R. A step up from his earlier rides, this bike symbolizes a significant milestone.

Despite His Earlier Mishaps With Smaller Bikes, This Leap Represented His Passion For Faster And More Agile Machines

Embrace the spirit of resilience as you learn that despite several crashes on smaller motorcycles, Hammond’s dedication didn’t waver. His progression to the Honda NSR125R showcased a fervent appreciation for not just speed, but the nimbleness and response of a true sports machine.

5. Brough Superior SS100

The Brough Superior SS100—a bike that magnifies the essence of rarity and luxury on two wheels.

Often Referred To As The “Rolls-Royce Of Motorcycles”, The Brough Superior SS100 Is A Rare Gem

Imbued with an unparalleled legacy of craftsmanship, the Brough Superior SS100 sets a standard for excellence. Your recognition of this motorcycle as the “Rolls-Royce of motorcycles” is fitting, given its distinguished status in the realm of vintage bikes.

Famed As Lawrence Of Arabia’s Preferred Ride, These Bikes Are More Than Mere Machines—They’re Coveted Ornaments

Lawrence of Arabia chose the Brough Superior SS100 not simply for transportation but for the thrill and statement it made. Owning an SS100 today signifies possession of a historic ornament, a treasure that echoes the adventures of its legendary riders.

At Auctions, Brough Superiors Command Impressive Prices, With One Recently Selling For A Whopping £315,000

If you ever wish to lay hands on one of these majestic motorcycles, prepare to invest a substantial sum. A recent auction saw a Brough Superior SS100 sold for an eye-watering £315,000, a testament to its enduring allure and value among collectors.