vulture_skel_279362The is all-inclusive. I would like to introduce CAPTAIN AWESOME AKA Derrick from the Mulligan Machine as our new and welcomed contributor to the global phenomenon that is We are all about pulling in all who are down with the 650 chopp to help satisfy your 650 addiction.

This is my first official submission to, and I would prefer to start off with one of my favorite builds. Although it is not my own, I appreciate the effort and thought put into it. From piece to piece it has a “collective” placement of parts. A prime example of a garage-built chop.

I’ll let the horse’s mouth do the talking…


“I promised to show my motorcycle build, so here it is. It took me a long time to build, because when I started this project I was WAY under qualified. That didn’t stop me from learning to weld and fabricate enough to do the job though. So far it has stayed in one piece – even at highway speeds (+).

This bike was my reaction to wanting an antique bike but not being able to afford one. I figured I’d make my own version. It started life as a 1977 Yamaha 650xs and I quickly cut the frame up and began making it into what is is now. Most of the parts were originally on another machine – be it a motorcycle, tractor, truck etc…bobber_01

Some would call it a “chopper” and technically I did chop it, but others would call it a “bobber” style. I just call it the most fun I’ve ever had on a motorcycle. You dig?”

This bike goes to show, you don’t need to know how to build a bike, to START building one. The best part is the learning experience and the epic rides awaiting you when completed. Piece by piece, bit by bit, it CAN be done with no more than a handful of tools. What are you waiting for?