So, as a laid off union carpenter in 2016 I needed to keep myself busy . I owned a 06 Roadstar that I stupidly sold in 2012 and still regret to this day but life happens I guess and no bike for 4 yrs. Was all I could take so I set off to build my own fide for cheap.

Hit the Internet and started looking at frames available in my price range. I came across the Factory Metal Works, a Triumph parts dealer and frame builder. They had really cool bikes all hardtails sporting their built in house frames. They also offered a xs650 frame so now I had to research what a xs650 was! Yamaha yippie I’m an instant fan.

Now to find a motor to fit in frame. Only took a day and I located a motor in the next state over (PA) for $300 . Guy I bought motor from had a stock xs also, he said motor he was selling was a spare he picked up somewhere and knew nothing about it’s condition only that it was free and all there. My buddy and I loaded it in the trunk and back to NJ.

Few day later I pulled motor completely apart , split case and all! Fast fwd 6 months and untold hours of reading and research and part locating motor was finally complete again. Finally got the call for work again and winter the build went on hold for a good while. Tinkering with it when I had some spare cash all in all took me 6 yrs to finish the bike.

Has a HHB ignition &charging system, kick only.i took 3 in. Out of the forks and solid riser bushings all Hughs stuff. Kick lever by Jump Street Customs. Custom leather tiki seat by Claudio Nosari all the way from Ireland. Added the VM34s and just about every upgrade part I could find. Very proud of the way it turned out it runs like a top and turns heads every time I ride it. Recently added the led headlight and new taillight.

A word about the paint is all house of color root beer w/ root beer micro flake which was done by a dude I won’t mention him name because he bamboozled me . Sent tins half way across the country for 3-4 months , at first they looked great but upon further inspection I found a ton of flaws and now paint is actually peeling off bottom of tank.

It’s a lesson learned I guess at this point when it all peels off I will have a local guy redo the paint. I’ve finally got it registered and insured after all these years, ( don’t ask how) lol..My buddies all ride Harley but I ride my homemade Yamaha and I dig it.

Hope this might inspire someone else to try and build something they always wanted, not an easy task but very doable due to a wealth of information out the model, I’m no mechanic by any means but if you take your time you can do it too.

Submitted by: Robert Ahlholm