Fred – Got the idea of this build from a buddy of mine I made a hand tooled leather seat for, it was a rockabilly theme. He liked and said I should build a rockabilly bike, so here it is. Used to drive a semi truck, but now all I do is build bikes and stuff for bikes, mainly alot of tooled leather seats these days.


Almost everything on this build has been hand fabricated by me, seat, framework, suicide shift, electrical box, tank, guitar neck, bars, airbrush work, license plate and few other little things. A lot of hours in this build, glad its done.


The bike is pretty long about 96 in sits real nice, feels great to ride. Its a 78 buy the way and is up 4 sale so if anyones interested give me a shout. Would like to keep this one but gotta make a livin somehow so its gotta go.


It took me about 3 weeks about 8hrs a day to build this bike. This bike is a rockabilly theme and is basically a rat bike with a little cool paintwork, but I didnt want this bike to be to clean, just solid, but still having the kind of rat hand made look.


So it does have some rough edges, but I just like that in a bike. I also just like building stuff thats different and crazy that people will say “what the hell is it” most dont know. Most get it, some dont. The bike is dark brandy over black. Rims are black with antique brass painted spokes. Bars, fuel caps, and few other things are also the antiqued brass. House of Color paint and clear. Not sure what else to say about the bike. My wesite is misfitskinnykustoms.com

Thanks  Fred