Looking for a Yamaha xs650 motorcycle? Whether you’re a collector or a rider, there are plenty of options out there for you. From vintage models to newer listings, the possibilities are endless. Here’s where to look and what to keep in mind when on the hunt for your very own Yamaha xs650.

Ebay: Great Place to find Yamaha Motorcycles

Ebay is a goldmine for finding Yamaha xs650 motorcycles for sale. You can browse through a wide range of listings, from 1972 Yamaha XS650 to 1983 Yamaha XS650. With both new and used options available, you might just stumble upon the perfect bike for you. Whether you’re after a chopper, bobber, or brat, Ebay has got you covered.

To make it easier, we filtered out CURRENT LISTINGS below. You can scroll left to right. Remember, some of these bikes get snatched up quickly, so if you like something, make sure to put an offer in (Note:we do earn a small commission on bikes purchased through the links below, so thank you for your support!):

Facebook Group: Tons of people with an xs 650

Joining a Facebook group dedicated to Yamaha xs650 enthusiasts is a fantastic way to connect with like-minded individuals who may have the bike you’re looking for. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge and possibly even some listings for xs650 motorcycles for sale. Plus, it’s a great place to share stories and get advice on all things Yamaha xs650 related.

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Forum: Great place for that unique Yamaha xs650

Forums catering to Yamaha motorcycle enthusiasts are another great avenue for finding the perfect xs650. With discussions on everything from 1981 Yamaha xs650 exhaust systems to 1980 Yamaha xs650 rebuild projects, you’re sure to find valuable information and potential listings. Fellow forum members may also point you in the direction of rare and unique Yamaha xs650 motorcycles for sale.

Visit our xs650 forum here.

Other Places to Find Your Chopper, Bobber or Brat

Aside from Ebay, Facebook groups, and forums, keep an eye out for Yamaha xs650 listings at auctions, local listings, and through word of mouth. Whether you’re after a 1978 Yamaha xs650 with low mileage, a 1982 Yamaha xs650 with a new battery, or a 650 special in good condition, there’s a Yamaha xs650 waiting for you.

What to Look For When Buying a used Yamaha xs650?

So, once you get serious and are getting close to buying a used Yamaha xs650, you have to keep in mind a few things. Some of the below may seem obvious, but better safe than sorry.

First things first, make sure the bike actually has two wheels. You don’t want to end up with some weird half-motorcycle, half-unicycle situation. Then, take a good look at the tires. Are they worn down to the nub, or are they still in good shape?

You’ll also want to give the bike a good once-over for any signs of damage or rust. Trust me, you don’t want to be stuck with a lemon. And don’t forget to take it for a spin! You’ll want to actually ride the thing to make sure it’s not making any weird noises or shaking like a scared chihuahua.

Lastly, check the paperwork. Is everything in order? You don’t want to end up with someone else’s problem on your hands. So put on your detective hat and do some sleuthing before you commit to that used Yamaha xs650. Happy hunting!