Just in from our Japanese correspondent; MOTOSHOP TONOUCHI A killer cool xs650 Chopper.

No this isn’t from Bratstyle although, it could be with the quality of craftsmanship..

This xs650 bike was built by the guys over at MOTOSHOP TONOUCHI in Japan.. The yellow headlight lens adds mad character to this sweet ride.. I’ve seen that light elsewhere on other bikes. I’m not sure who makes it or if it’s vintage though, maybe mooneyes. I’d like to get one…

Hydraulic clutch setup. I like the idea however, I like having clean handlebars and with hydraulic clutch where would you put the fluid reservoir. This would make a good article by itself. If anyone has installed a hydraulic clutch on your bike, send in some pics bro and how you went about it.

Suicide shift keeps the handlebars clean. This is just a clean bike all around. Man… I like how the exhaust follows with the frame geometry. Good craftsmanship really comes through. What do you think?

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