XS 650 Chopper Frisco Bratstyle Bobber

This bike is dead on with the style I dig.

Chopped down minimalist, bare-bones bike with a little class.. The paint job really sets it off. The tank looks like a fishing lure… Job well done…..

Vehicle Description

” I built this bike with a weld on hard tail(cant remember what brand)i actually shorted it by 1/2-1 inch from stock stretch. this Thing handles great! The mags are stock yamaha painted black,(not bmx)there is only a rear drum brake and it work awsome you can easilly lock it up.the fender is a 40’s spare tire ring, the oil bag is where all the wire connections are made and is a santee from 70’s this bike is kick only, starts first kick every time,when its warm itll start with half a kick.

The electris start is still on the motor but not hooke up. Tires are firestone brand. The exhaust pipes are made by me and sound awsome. Foot peges are a little higher than stck for more ground clearance, picture frame bars are an unknowne brand and the throttle tube is a rd350 type. There is only one switch, a toogle switch turns on and off the bike located on the bottom of the oil bag, the tail light acts only as a running light , sorry no brake light..

The tank is a ironhead sportster tank that i narrowed the body work and paint are by max schaaf. Basically this bike is very narrow handles great stops good, (for only having one brake) splits lanes like no other chopper could, everybody stares at it, ive had this on the road for a feww hundred miles now and it runs great. The motor is stock with about 12,000 miles on it feels very strong, i need the cash for the next project so regretfully its time to let this go..”

Good looking bike.. What do you think?


  1. slimchops says:

    I can’t agree with you more. This is by far one of the baddest xs’s I’ve seen. It looks similar to some of Jesse James’ bikes. This bike has inspired me to build my xs. I just wish he could remember where he got the hardtail from.

  2. admin says:

    send in some pics of your bike. slimchops.

  3. Paul Wilson says:

    Its not brat but its dope anyway!

  4. natedog says:

    I love this bike!!! Is it still for sale? If so where are you located?

  5. Jesse Jordan says:

    awesome bike! Staight dead on to the style I like as well. Where are u located and would u be interested in buildind me one? e me thanx

  6. Hesh says:

    I remember this thing on e-bay back in the day! Its rad!
    Everyone needs to check out Max’s blog killer stuff!
    Keep on choppin!

  7. Teebs says:

    Not seein’ the brat…but Frisco for sure… and she’s a beauty.

    Love those pipes, the bars are rockin’ and that paint just screams old school.

  8. stewart says:

    one cool ride

  9. Ryan says:

    Is this bike still for sale?

  10. slimchops says:

    It just recently sold on craigslist for $2,500 bucks. Killer deal for that price. I saw it sell on e bay for $5,200 months before. Definitely my favorite xs of all.

  11. Jason says:

    Does anyone recognize the hardtail. Who makes that one?

  12. Joe says:

    Does anyone know where I could get my hands on a rear drum brake for a 79 xs650 special? Stock rear mag rim. I got the disc on there right now, but I’d rather a drum

  13. sean from boston says:

    This bike is So dam nice

  14. Rexxis says:

    This bike tops my list, its a 3-way tie between Migbaron’s 120 beers, Fong Bros’ bike w the brown frame, and this one. Tough lookin’ bike.

    ~120 beers-https://xs650chopper.com/2010/01/migbaron-kustoms-120-beers/

    ~Fong brown-https://xs650chopper.com/2009/04/yamaha-xs650-bobber-the-fong-bros/

  15. norm younger says:

    Nice job. Looks a little short though.

  16. El Gaucho says:

    Wow, that is a SHORT bike! But at least you have the tall bars to make it work. I love how meaty the tires look with a short bike like that.