I Started off with a 1972 XS650 XS2. The bike had been sitting outside for nearly 25 years. It actually took pretty minimal work to get the bike running again but upon closer inspection the frame was cracked and the original bottom end had a large hole in it. I detabbed and repainted the frame.

Sourced an 03 GSXR front end and laced it to the factory rim with a Cognito Moto hub and top triple. All Balls bearing to ease the transition. Spokes are from Buchanan’s. Pro Taper handlebar mounts and flat tracker 1-1/8″ bars. Bate’s style headlight out front.

The handlebar grips are from Oury. Foot pegs are off of a dump find dirt bike. The gas tank is from a Yamaha DT 360. Had to source a Pingel right angle petcock to clear the valve covers. Motogaget bar end blinkers and m blaze pins. CRG lane splitter mirrors to keep the fuzz happy. Rear fender is a chopped CB 350.

The tires are Skinko 804 / 805 and are fantastic on the gravel. Rear loop welded in. First crack at sewing my own seat. I used foam from some yoga matts to form the shape. The rear shocks are off a Triumph Street Scrambler and I had to turn down some brass bushings in the lathe to make em fit.

Homemade electronics pan with a battery out of an emergency light. It’s a kick only bike with Pamco ignition and PMA charging system. VM 34mm mikuni carbs and intake boots from TC Brothers.

The speedo / tach is from KOSO. I built a new wiring harness from scratch. Shorty mufflers from EMGO. Engine is from a 79 XS. Most of the seals have been replaced at this point chasing oil leaks.

I think I’ve finally got her house trained. I bought the bike back in 2017 after just coming home from a 2500km bike trip around Thailand. 3 house moves and a few GF’s later I finally finished the build in early 2022.

The bike usually starts on the first kick with the choke. It’s a blast to burn down gravel and dirt roads here in Saskatchewan. On it’s maiden voyage I kicked it out of my van down in MOAB Utah and rattled plenty of bolts an parts loose.

Blue locktite and lock washers have since become my best friends. Learned plenty over the ownership and build of this bike. From lacing and balancing wheels to paint to general mechanics and maitenance. Patience and determination finally got me over the finish line.

Definitely won’t be my last build as I’ve collected enough parts and bikes to build 3 more at this point. Seems like you always need time and money to finish a project like this and you can never seem to have both.

I’ve learned to settle for progress and not perfection and have accepted that the bike may never be “finished” as there are always tweaks and quirks to work out. The Haynes manual, YouTube and various forums were an asset in the build.

Submitted by Daniel Uhersky