Hello all and I hope everyone can enjoy seeing and enjoy hearing about my baby “Gretchen” as much as I enjoy seeing your bike builds on here. I didn’t know much about the xs bikes prior to purchasing this girl, my first one and now i wouldn’t trade it for the world. I drove 8 hours roundtrip to acquire this xs from a little place in Tennessee.

It started its life as a 1975 xs650 and now has the tcbros hardtail rear end. Mikes xs 750cc big bore kit and Mike’s xs race camshaft. Dual mikuni vm34 carbs w/ uni foam air filters, ngk spark plug/ plug wires and billet manifolds. Custom shotgun dual exhaust. 65+ rwhp. Now has single disc front brake and moto iron front brake master cylinder and a suicide clutch with jockey shift. (Dont have pictures of at this moment) 76 forks with fork gaiters, new seals.

Mike’s xs brake caliper. Oem single piece rotor drilled. Custom powdered ghost white frame. Frisco sportster style tank with custom paint and see through fuel window. Locking fuel cap. Chain drive with heavy duty chain jt sprockets and 31 tooth rear gearing. Oem rear drum brake setup with all new drums but will be going with the mikes xs billet hubs, aluminum hoops and stainless steel spokes and converting to a disc rear very soon. Tcbros seat mount bracket W/ custom solo springer seat. now with a handmade leather cover. (Will stay a solo ride as i prefer my “me time”).

New tc bros brake stay. Hour meter and gps speedo. Stainless steel braided brake line. Tc bros Side tag mount with tail and brake lights. 6″ black round headlight w/ toggle switch. Low rise drag bars powdered white. Arlen Ness oval micro mirror black.

Custom 8 ball under seat for wiring and battery box with high output battery. Running a 19 front 18 rear setup on original yamaha hubs. Has some dual sport shinko rubber but going with some new duro hf308s very soon.

I like the part knobby look. Oem 76 front forks shaved and lowered 2″ (puts the caliper in the rear of the forks). In the process of polishing them. Mid controls kit with added highway pegs now but getting ready to install forward controls soon with custom linkage for the suicide setup. ebc clutch kit installed.

The wrapped exhaust system is coming out the left side, similar to a yo mama exhaust but runs back further away from the back of your legs. Loves to rip around town and take some jaunts down the highway. Gets plenty of looks, ooos & awes and sparks up conversation everywhere it goes. Its just A very fun, dependable and awesome bike to ride. I’ll probably never sell it as I’ve came to love my metric bobber over any other bikes I’ve owned. She will be staying with me a while. Hope all is safe. Put the breeze between your knees. . . Live free and ride hard!! Yolo!!!

Submitted by Anthony Whitlock

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