One of the most searched images and videos on the internet during the quarantine has been people showing off their home desk setups since a lot of people are stuck at home. So we decided to ask our awesome xs650 forum on Facebook to show us their garage set up and we got some great pictures of their small motorcycle shop layout.

Your garage workspace doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you just have to love it. Check out some of the pics our members sent us.

Rich Beckwith

My little 1-car garage was the perfect size to build my XS650.

Matthew Skidmore

Plenty of space. With my own machine shop in there.

Matty Salt

My tiny woodshed! Although it is small it provides me some sort of space for wrenching.

Liz Clayton McQueary

Built my garage completely by myself. Over 300 pallet boards in the floor. Got all my tools there.

Henry Kay

Dis` is my joint in Bradford Canada. I have pretty much all I need , compressor, MIG & stick welding all the tools, imperial, metric & whitworth as I work on British bikes a lot. My only complaint is trying to effectively heat the joint in our Canadian winters!!! Roll on my fellow garage builders!

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