In this trying time’s it seems most of the folks I know and meet seem to be doing with less, and when this mental shift shows up on our scoots the people who profit from our passions are the states in which we reside.Of course I’am referring to safety devices on the machines of or passions and the inherent problems that arise as the more stuff that is needlessly attached to the fuel of are dreams, blinkers,rear mounted lights with plate illumination, horns and those pesky gages, what the hell!!
As I’am doing another build the setting this up on to the machine, which is sporting the front fender on the rear it looks like something out of are past, like a stock bike, this sucks ass!!
Then I wondered to myself, how often does this come up in are conversions when building the bitchin builds of are dreams?
As I walk out of the court house for the seconded time in a year for lighting issues, and was told by the judge hope I don’t see you again for even a burnt bulb, and how often does this happen on my ridged, so needless to say at this stage of my life {old} I really don’t want a increase in my insurance because of the prior statement I’am broke,then I get on my favorite sight xs 650 and look at the other builds and just cant help myself thinking, someone must be profiting from the lack of visible lighting or I’am I being singled out? I don’t think so!
So how does this manifest in some of the fellas lives or is this not a concern to the masses of knuckle draggin rubber burnin bad asses of my envy?