Talking about heel guards on an xs650chopper site? What?! Yep, even though Harley’s and Indians are the bikes you are most likely to see these on, there are a bunch of Yamaha lovers who have other bikes… including these.

Heel guards were created as a way to help motorists keep their boots from burning while riding. While most bikes have a heel guard, some models come with metal pegs instead. With the heat generated by the bike and by the weather, you are more likely to experience burns even when you wear your boots. This is a problem for most bikers. 

If you are not comfortable riding your motorcycle due to the heat generated in the footrest, don’t just figure out how to make your motorcycle seat more comfortable, but also, it’s time you get yourself a heel guard. Heel guards are not very expensive and they will surely help you prevent burnout.

Also, it’s worthy to mention that heel guards can be installed for the rider as well as the passenger sitting on the back of the bike. 

There are many models: wide, narrow, or ones that are customizable for your bike. And they come in pairs so that they can be fixed on both sides of the bike.

In this review, we discuss how we tested the Harley Davidson Rider Heel guard and provide our verdict on its quality and usefulness.

Harley Davidson Rider Heel

When we bought the Rider Heel Guard, we were very happy about how it looked, as it looked great on our motorcycle. The shape of the Rider heel makes all the difference. It’s subtly curved so that it avoids the shoe and prevents it from touching the surface fully.

On many occasions, we struggled to get rid of the stains on the footrest. The rubber shoes always left marks and it was hard to get rid of them. We did not struggle anymore with this when we bought the Harley Davidson Rider Heel, proving it was definitely a smart choice to do so.

You can fit it perfectly on the footrest so that your feet don’t touch the exhaust shield and there is no more melting of your shoes. Heat from the bike can damage your shoes, costing you more money with every occurrence. However, this doesn’t happen with the Harley Davidson Rider Heel Guard. 

Thanks to the heel guards, no matter what material, there is no heat generated under your foot. It will keep both your shoes and your motorcycle safe. The heel guard is made of high-quality steel that will withstand regular use. 

It isn’t hard to fix the heel guards onto the footrests, and it doesn’t take you long to get used to them either. They are very well-manufactured.

These heel guards can fit certain models only. So, before you purchase, take a look at the fitting guide. 

Overall, we made a great decision in getting these guards. They helped keep our feet and the ride comfortable. If you are looking for such a product, then you should definitely get these.

Why Do You Need Good Protection?

Motorcycle riding is done properly only when the rider is well-equipped with all the necessary gear and protection. It’s not easy to ride. It’s especially not easy to ride safely

Motorcycle boots are important for the rider. But they can cause trouble when the leather or the rubber soles are damaged due to the heat. When you buy a good pair of motorcycle boots, you probably spend a lot of money. It would be heartbreaking if they were to be ruined easily.

A heel guard is a simple attachment, It goes right over the heat shield.

The Heel guards are usually made to fit high-grade steel.

When you purchase a heel guard, you only have to mount it on the footrest. This will keep your feet from touching any of the hot parts of the bike. This is how you save your bike and your boots from being destroyed.

Before getting your heel guard you’ll need to check the model that will fit onto your bike. The standard heel guard types are- Turn-Down style and the Turn-Out style. You can choose according to your preference and set your footrest.

The fact that these guards come for both the rider and the passenger make it more relevant. When the bikes tend to be always on the move, there’s a lot of heat generated. By mounting heel guards you are saving from danger and damage.
Some of the footrests are designed to incorporate the heel guard, while some others might not have the privilege of it. Find out what suits yours.

Take a step in the proper direction and get the Harley Davidson Rider Heel Guard so that you can ride safely.

Harley Davidson is one of the prominent companies that manufacture motorcycles and they also started selling out heel guards. You’ll find that most people usually use this brand for their motorcycles. It’s standard and it fits just right.

It’s not a heavy purchase or something that you need to look into twice but it’s definitely a necessary purchase for your motorcycle. You’ll thank yourself later when you get them for your bike.


Harley Davidson rider heel guard is helpful to most motorists. It helped them protect their shoes from being worn out. That’s the main reason why we needed the heel guard to keep the shoes from sticking or getting peeled off from the heat-generating parts.

The quality of the product is well assured and it’s used widely. You can go for this product and we are sure you’ll be satisfied with it just like we were.

The price of the product is very reasonable too. Investing for the betterment of your motorcycle ride is definitely rewarding.

Harley Davidson has always been a reliable brand of motorcycles, so anything they come up with is an upgrade for your motorbike,
If you use your bike regularly, then there is a heavy need for you to get this heel guard.

With a Rider heel guard you can have comfortable rides without worrying about your boots anymore. So, have you decided to get them yet? We’d totally recommend it.