leave a comment and win a set of handlebars

We have a lot of regular commenters like REEB, Blackwidow, Idaho chad, I_am_10_ninjas, Russ, BigJimmyW13, Metal Head fab, Harry Carmony, Ken Fontenot that have intelligent things to say and really make the site more engaging. It would be cool to get more people involved in the discussion.

It just so happens that Tyler at lowbrow had a bunch of these Biltwell bars made exclusively for British and Metric motorcycle with 7/8″ handlebars and is willing to give a set of these bars away to a lucky reader (That’s you:)

All you have to do to enter and win a set of 7/8″ Biltwell handlebars of your choice is leave a comment.

Commenting “sweet bike” won’t cut it though.

Try some constructive criticism or ask a question, answer a question or whatever. What’s really great is when some goofball comes around talking shit in the comments and having one of the regular readers leave a comment put them in their place and squash the negativity. The last thing we want is guys hesitate to send in pictures of their xs.  let’s see if we can get more discussion going on and build a community.

That’s it; pretty simple.

All you have to do is leave a comment and your e-mail address will be automatically entered to win.

We will randomly draw a winner and shoot them an e-mail on- 7/9/10

Lowbrow will ship you your choice of:
Keystone Handlebars – 7/8″ –
Window Handlebars – 7/8″ –
Chrome Tracker Handlebars – 7/8″ Biltwell handlebars
that sell for $99- Free.

Anyone in the world can enter as long as we can legally ship to you.

To leave a comment you don’t have to login, you just have to leave your e-mail address and pick a username.


Here a XS sporting a set of (Product placement) lowbrow Keystone Handlebars – 7/8″ –

Winning comment will be announced on 7/9/10.. Thanks again to Tyler at lowbrow..

Thanks- TED


And the winner update: 

Congratulations to Rusty Nutz.

Hopefully Rusty Nutz will send in some pictures of his ride with his new handlebars.

This comment contest went pretty good so we will probably do another one like this.. Thanks to all the dudes who have left good comments and contributed to the site.