John – Here are some updated photos of my bike. I’ve been working part time at SPECIAL EFFECTS MOTORCYCLE in Burlington. Canada. Everything on this bike has been custom built or modified. Started with two donor 650s, a aftermarket Harley frame, split gas tanks and a flat trailer fender. (not used) Springer is a DNA brand, heavily modified. Further fabrication include; handlebars 1 5/8 diameter with internal clutch and throttle. All sheet metal. Front fender designed to float with suspension. Seat  made with perforated steel with hidden suspension and secondary LED brake light.


Forward controls have dual master cylinders for independent braking. Offset sprockets to allow 200mm tire on a 18 x 5.5 wheel. Front is the same size. Rear fender is tight to the tire profile and has adjustment to follow rear axle. Exhaust made from stainless steel in ground pool handles. (free) All wiring including coil and spark plugs are hidden.Monitor and camera will be used for rear viewing. Project is in testing before final body and paint.


Custom made: “Oil Tank” ( it holds the circuit breakers and ignition components). Handle bars, made from 1 5/8″ tubing with internal throttle and clutch. Forward controls. Head light mount. Seat with hidden suspension. License plate mount. Modified: DNA springer front end ( Heavily cladded). Frame, Gas tank (was originally Harley split tanks) joined and stretched. Front and rear fenders.

There is more time and passion put into this bike than money.

John Williamson