1980 650 bobber


This bike is being built by me at Special Effects M.C. in Burlington canada.  200 mm tires front and back on 18″ wheels, all sheet metal, forward controls, duel sprocket, “oil tank” is customized or fabricated.




It has internal hand controls, keeping the bars clean. Front and rear brakes are operated by the foot control on two seperate and adjustable master cylinders. Leaf spring seat. Front end has been cladded. It is currently about 90% finished.





  1. Guy says:


  2. Fabbastard says:

    ergonomic or what.. thats one clean smooth ride you got there!!!

  3. marcus abel says:

    Front brakes AND front fender in the most seamless way I have seen. Tight tolerances and your color choice of black keep the look of a classic bobber with the added practicality of brakes and a fender. Very nice! The 18″ rims give a nice proportion to the beefy 200mm tires. The wide tired look is getting over done these days but you have skillfully made it work on this build. Brake lines, wires, taillight, license plate and the other details, that are needed to finish this ride, will surely provide some challenges. Looking forward to your solutions!

  4. fanoboss says:

    Very Cool. Looks like you may need to up-size your headlight.

  5. Barney says:

    The bike looks beefy. I agree with fanoboss. Having a bike that beefy should also have a beefy looking headlight. I am very interested in hearing how you set up the front brake through a foot control.

  6. Old bastard says:

    I like the fat tire look . ”Very cool”

  7. That is so sweet… Love the lines…

    Get er done….


  8. hooversama says:

    Can you say Exile Cycles? The Bullfighter…or The Fat Bloke…Looks cool….I dig this style…..and I get the headlight….it’s supposed to be small…….makes the front end look even bigger.

  9. JET36 says:

    Very cool…
    Brake setup internals and fenders are sick! Very clean bike. The headlight and springer; sick. The lines of the tank are perfect BUT its too big. The xs motor is little in size and get dwarfed by a tank real easy. Section that TANK!

  10. Christopher says:

    How’d you mount the seat?
    Same for the fenders.
    Love to see people post pics of the trick bits on their bikes. Love seeing how people solve those kind of problems.

    There ya go XS650chopper, how about blog posts for that. Cool bikes are great but so are the neat ideas people come up with for brackets and such.

    How I made……….

  11. fanoboss says:

    I really think this should be a new production bike, can you imagine the response Yamaha would get if they debuted THIS !?!

  12. sean from boston says:

    looks cool as hell Let me know how it handles!!! great looking so far

  13. Mike took these pictures with his phone. See more and better quality at our web site, chopperworks.ca It is under the RIGID page

  14. Julian says:

    Was it difficult getting the 200 front and rear on the bike? LOVE IT!

  15. 200 to 360mm tire is easy if you run dual final drive chain or belt. 650s in a rigid frame run a long final drive so the thought with Mike’s was to set up dual chain to shorten each chain. The added bonus is offset can be acheived to fit any motorcycle tire size available. We have a custom using a 330mm with a offset setup. The frame of course has to have the room but in our case we are bike builders and have the tools to fabricate. The front end started as a skinny DNA that we cladded over with thicker tubing.The tubing was cut to cover the outer portion of the legs leaving the inside width unchanged 200 tire just fits (brake line can be hidden inside the leg). If we wanted wider than 200mm the next step would be to make our own springer. I will post closeups of a offset on our w/site, chopperworks.ca

  16. El Gaucho says:

    DUDE! That is a badass scoot! Probably has a bit heavy handling, but those bars are plenty wide to offset that. Can’t beat that fatty look though. Reminds me of the fat boy in Terminator, but cooler.

  17. mike says:

    I will have updated pics soon. Have been busy, but it is coming along. Stainless exhuast addded, refinment of sheet metal, plate mount, and a few other things. Should be completed soon.

  18. Bill Hegyessy says:

    Perfection, pure perfection. When I see my own project in my mind’s eye, I see yours. Don’t change anything! Cool….