So, lets see what we need Sand (I use play sand, its free if you go to a local playground, just make sure you don’t have a beard…)
Baking dish (ask the wive) Oven
Duck tape (every biker has this stuff laying around)
Funnel (every biker has this stuff laying around to)
Barbecue (Or some bricks in a circle will do as well)
Cheap conduct pipe bender(you can find these in your hardware store for less than 50$)

Preparing the sand:
Sand has always some moist in it and this prevents it from flowing smooth. This will create air pockets if you push it in a tube.
Thats why we put some in a dish and bake it for 30 minutes or until its desert dry.

Cut your tube always a bit longer then necessary. Debur it!

Seal one end with duck tape.

And use the funnel to add sand. Don’t do this all in one time. Put some in and stomp it down, repeat until completely full.

Now carefully without spilling seal the open side.

Heat it up. Doesn’t matter how you can make a campfire or lay it on a stove. I always use the barbecue. (side note: don’t ever use carburetor quick start fluid to start a BBQ. It will just blow it in an orbit around earth!)

Put it in your bender. Make sure you use a dice with the snuggest fit. If your using welded tube turn the weld line to a quarter as in the picture.

Take a step back and look at the result.

In the last pic you can see why all these steps are necessary. The top tube is bended as in the tutorial, the middle is bended without heat, and the bottom one without heat or sand.

As you can see the top one has the smoothest bend.