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Email :
Name: Justin
Title of your post: The Best (homemade) Bike Table Ever


Justin has submitted a couple of his xs 650 to the site.   Watch your e-mail Justin I need your shipping info to pass on to Tyler@ Lowbrow Customs so he can get your helmet sent out.

Thanks to everyone who sent in articles. It will take a bit longer to fill out the xs650-library but this is a great start. Thanks again to Tyler @ Lowbrow Customs.


Would you like to win a free metal flake helmet?

Of course you would! Here’s how you can.

Here’s the deal. Send in a technical or How To article that would be helpful to someone Chopping a Yamaha XS650. To enter and win send in a how-to article that is at least 200 words (that’s only a paragraph) and has two pictures. A good how-to article should have a beginning and end. The idea here is to have useful information for some one who is building a Yamaha XS650 chopper. Here are some good examples LOWER YOUR XS650 FORKS or this wiring diagram.  For ideas on article topics look through the xs650-library or the xs650 links section or look through the comments for questions that come up frequently.

You can submit your article using the submission form here.

  • Each article submitted puts your e-mail address in “The Hat” for a chance to win the biltwill helmet.
  • Enter as many times as you like.
  • The winners e-mail address will be randomly packed from “The Hat” on 12/14/09 .
  • Anyone in the world can enter.
    (As long as Tyler from lowbrow customs can legally ship to you he will)
  • Plagiarism is not cool, however; if you have written something somewhere else you can republish it.

Again, to qualify the article most:

  1. Be at least 200 words (that’s only a paragraph)
  2. Have at least two high quality descriptive pictures.
  3. Be Yamaha XS650 chopper related.
  4. Have Fun!

Thanks to Tyler@ Lowbrow Customs.

If you haven’t already, check out > Lowbrow Customs where you can pick up all kinds of parts for your ride.