regulator/rectifier combo with points wiring diagram


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Write about your XS650.: I got tired of looking for a good diagram that wasn’t completely wrong….so i made one.  simple, easy to read and to the point.  hope it came out as clear as i looks to me.


Thanks wayward wayne


  1. Larry says:

    Not to throw rocks, Wayne, just suggestions – what about low beam/high beam on the headlight and stop/tail on the rear light? That won’t complicate it much. Useful info on the charging system, thanks.

  2. Ted says:

    Thanks wayne. Sure some will find it handy.

  3. Teebs says:

    Not trying to piss on your site, Ted, since your cross-advertising with the 650rider site; There are some great diagrams that include a very basic chopper diagram and one that includes signals on 650rider in the Vault section of Forums.

    Thanks to Wayne for posting this. It’s a great, very simple diagram to get you started, and fairly easy to add some features from there. Starting with this basic schematic will help a lot of guys that feel overwhelmed by the seemingly incomprehensible maze that is the stock schematic.

  4. Shotcaller says:

    Great info…wiring is always the biggest nightmare.

  5. JET36 says:

    I went nuts in the past, I could never find a diagram with the same colors that were on my bike. These are the colors on every xs I have looked at! Thanks

    1.reg/ rec combo: dont connect Positive until you are done(prevents causing harm to the reg/rec).
    2. 20 amp fuse is needed on the HOT going to ignition.

  6. Ryan says:

    what happens if you do not unground the stator?

  7. Ryan says:

    what happens if you dont unground the stator?

  8. wayward wayne says:

    if you dont unground the stator brushes it wont charge, probably burn out your reg/rect. and i chose to put in fuses after the switch. if you put one before the switch and it pops you have a dead motorcycle. if one pops after the switch you can cannibalize a fuse from something else like the lights to at least get you home. i always forget my fuses on the road.

  9. Miguel Garcia says:

    1 st question using your wiring diagram does the battery need to be grounded to the frame?

    2nd question, the connections at the ignition switch? I dont have the stock iginition, what type would you recommend and connected how?

    Thanks , Mig

  10. Mig says:

    Another question does this wiring set up work if I’m running a pamco single coil? Trying to set up the single pamco coil with points ignition?

  11. robert says:

    Hey,does the diagram only the points setup?I have a 72 motor with a dyna electronic ignition.I have a older seperate regulator and seperate rectifier.I want to go to a combined one to clean everthing up.I noticed you said it has to be ungrounded?The original yamaha diagrams shows the stator grounded.Ive wired bikes before but since i read your post im sorta gun shy on burning up a virago combined unit until i know for sure.thanks

  12. danny v says:

    I bought a rectifier only through if i wont kick only do i need a regulator also?

  13. Ted says:

    @ danny you will need a regulator/rectifier for a functioning charging system.

  14. doug polley says:

    hey if you can not get your 4mmx.7 nylon screws 10mm long go to google search and put in mcmastor carr the part number is 94175A315 the phone 609-689-3415 hax screws

  15. Louis says:

    wher can i find a regulator/rectifier combo like the diagram

  16. wayward wayne says:

    you can get them on ebay. its cheaper usually if you look one up for an xj550 650 750. same unit but because it doesnt say xs650 its half the price. and yes you can use the rec/reg setup on non points ignition systems, just follow the charging system in the diagram. ignore the points. yes the stator has to be ungrounded. The stock wiring diagrams dont account for the mismatched parts were putting on these things. if you dont unground the stator it will burn out your reg/rect very quickly. done it, had to buy another one. i also found that number 6 (i think) nylon screws at any hardware store work great. been running them for 6 months with no problem. The battery does need to be grounded to the frame, kinda forgot that, whoops. you can use a toggle switch for the power but i like to use an actual universal ignition switch from the autoparts store, they’re cheap, have keys and have the option of running a starter off of them. hope that cleared it up, havent check on this in a while.

  17. Chris K says:

    Anyone have any extra nylon screws they will part with. I will pay the shipping.

    I can’t get them locally & I hate to buy a bag of 100 or more when all I need is 3.


  18. Mark says:

    I found nylon screws M4x.7x10MM thru Grainger part number 4DFA4 they are a phillips pan styled head.

  19. EJ says:

    Does anyone know what part of the ignition switch the reg./rec red wire ties into (ie: power in, ignition, ACC, or start)? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  20. EJ says:

    I apologize. I don’t mean the red wire from the reg./rec. I can see from the diagram above that that wire goes to the positive battery post. I’m talking about the brown wire from the reg./rec and the black wire from stator connection. Again any help is greatly appreciated.

  21. EJ says:

    I didn’t mean the red wire from the reg./rec. I see that that wire goes to the positive battery terminal. I’m talking about the connection of the brown wire from the reg./rec and the black wire from the stator.

  22. Ted says:

    @ EJ black gos to ground red goes to positive on battery terminal Brown goes to stator.

    Not sure what you’re really asking, but the best thing I can tell you is to take some pictures and post them up on some of the guys on that site have been riding and working on the xs for over 30 years.

  23. Mike says:

    I have a 1982 xs 650, will i have to swap the screws with nylon on this motor? will this diagram still work for me? please help! ahhhhh!

  24. freedom says:

    Mike this diagram will work for you and your bike. click on the diagram blueprint and it gets bigger.

  25. Mike says:

    This might be a stupid question but is the coil picup on my 82 replacing the points? do I need a seperate condensor for that?

  26. Mike says:

    where do I hook the picup coil wires to???

  27. Mike says:

    ok got the charging system wired up and im pretty sure its right. the only problem im havin now is getting my spark back to the plugs. I have a red wire a grey wire and a black wire coming from the pickup coil. I hooked the red and grey up to the coil sides and the black wire to ground. I also fed the red side power and im not getting any spark. Can someone Please help me? Whats Wrong with this?

  28. Tim says:

    Im also having exact same problem< no spark? Will somebody help?

  29. tom says:

    i am having a problem with my charging system the where the black wire from the stator and the orange wire from the reg,rectifier connect and go to the ignition as soon as i turn the key over my orange wire smoked like hell and melted away. is this a problem with ungrounding the stator or did i hook it up wrong to my key switch? i am 4 inches of melted wire away from getting the bike going, somebody please help me!!

  30. ranken says:

    need to no if i can go bare bones with my 81 special with this i dnt think so not the same wires and more if any can help i need this diagram to get her running

  31. mike says:

    have an 81 with elc. ing. not getting spark to plugs checked ohms on the timing eye was good &coils prim. good but sec. was 28000 need new coils or what ? ps i rewired bike with book wire specs.

  32. Blaine says:

    All these issues are hitting close to home for me. I have 1978 xs and am running a solid state reg/rect. from mikes xs. Mine has an orange wire and a blue wire that Im confused about. Which one gets switch side power? Also my fuse blew when I threw the swtich. So I switched the wires around, but no charging and ruined my battery. I am assuming it means ungrounding brushes. If anyone knows EXACTLY how to run these two wires please get back to me asap. I dont want to install another reg if the one i have is ok. Thanks for the help….oh I have the pamco high output as well so If there are specifics reguarding the use of both please clarify.

  33. SixFiddy says:

    To Blaine regarding the wire colours…Orange is Green and connects to stator. Blue is Brown and connects as per the diagram above. Hope this helps you. It cost a brand new battery and regulator/rectifier for me to find out.

  34. SixFiddy says:

    To Tom, I’m presuming you have the 75-79 regulator/rectifier from Mikes Xs in which case the orange lead from the regulator connects to the “green” on the stator. On these aftermarket units the orange is green and blue is brown. I think you are also confusing the brown in the above diagram with orange.

  35. ranken says:

    is it comn for ur pic up coils to go out and can i ghange bac to points if i have a elec ignition

  36. jason says:

    im having the same problem as tom, as soon as i turn on the ign. the Black wire from the STATOR (not the black from the rect.) gets hot fast and smokes. anyone have an idea why that is?

  37. Craig from Scotland! says:

    Having just bought back my old XS that i chopped 22 years ago I was having nightmares about the wiring! Not any more thanks to all the posts on here! GO GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Craig from Scotland! says:

    Thanks again duded!

  39. Mark says:

    “just follow the charging system in the diagram. ignore the points” Wayward Wayne can you elaborate please? Do I just run wires from the condensor to the coils for an electronic ignition bike?

    Mike did you ever get your charging system working for your 82′ xs650? That’s what I have as well and need to know. Thanks

  40. armand says:

    I’ve have a problen . My stator cables where cut in half so the colors in the cables don’t exist anymore . My cuestion is …the rotor inner ring is positive or goes on ground? any body knows about that?

  41. Shawn Dennis says:

    thank you for the diagram it saved my life……

  42. jay says:

    i have a 1980,i rewired it,{ele ignition}now no spark,both wires going to the coil (red,orange) are hot when i turn on key,is this right?

  43. Wade says:

    Hey I have an 81 xs650, I need some help!!!! I’m having trouble wiring the stator, I have watched the video and followed the diagrams, but still don’t understand where the 3 wires from the stator hook up (Orange, grey, & black) I have a pamco ignition running headlight and tail light and kick start. The rectifier regulator is from mikes xs 7 wires ( red, 3 whites, green, black, brown, and black so I also put the nylon screws in. It idle fine but as soon as you shift to 1st and take of it blows a fuse anyone have answers?

  44. Wes says:

    Where to look, I have a 1980 xs. I had it wired and running for about two hours.Then all the sudden I lost power.My buddy had another Rect. laying around so I changed that and had no luck. Then he said its probly the stator. Started to take that off and noticed one of my brushes was worn out. Changed that and charging system worked. Went for 10 min ride and power went again. I just heard about ungrounding brushes so i did that. Tried it , bike started but in seconds lost power and died. You think I blew my rect? Im just wondering if I would have ungroundrd my brushes if id still be riding. Can anyone PLEASE Point me in the right direction?

  45. Ted says:

    @ Wade – The best advice I can give you is to buy a meter so you can sort out the wires. ( it’s hard to go by wire color alone) you need to be able to test each wire coming out. With that said, the 3 whites go to your alternator. red + black -. Pick up a book on motorcycle electronics. Then, you’ll have a basic understanding and will be able to wire your bike no problem. Just understanding how a meter works will give you a huge advantage in diagnosing your bikes electrical issues.

    @ Wes – From what you have described You are definitely going in the right direction with testing each electrical component. Like I mentioned above, a meter is invaluable in diagnosing electrical issues. you can pick up a meager for $9. It sounds like you have 1. a failing charging-system or 2. electrical short or 3. failing battery. Pick up a meter and start testing each component starting at your charging system.

    Here’s how to diagnose your charging system >

  46. Wes says:

    Thanks Ted. It was a electrical short. I got it all squared away and she runs GREAT! Its good to know there is still a few good people willing to lend some advise to a fellow biker in need.LONG LIVE XS 650 CHOPPER.COM!!!!!!

  47. Paul says:

    Thanks for all the info. Trying to finish my first chop and down to the electrical. Bought Mikes reg/rec and having same color code issues. Made a schematic but not sure how to upload for review. Would love input from all.

  48. Jordan says:

    Can anyone tell me what gauge of wires are used. Power? Ground? and accessories? I have to pick up a few length and wanted to make sure i get the right stuff. Thanks for all the help so far. This diagram looks like it will help!

  49. the_misplaced1 says:

    I have a thought about this diagram concerning ungrounding the brushes and the reason to do so. After cross referancing this diagram with another I noticed a hot wire going directly from the stator to the ignition switch and another from the stator to the reg/rec.. if the regulator regulates the voltage coming from the stator that is allowed into the system wouldn’t this contradict the reason for the reg/rec all together? Could this be the reason that ungrounding the brushes is necessary? In another diagram I found this wire (from stator to ign) is not there……the only hot wire is from the stator to the reg/rec……then splits to battery And ignition switch. Would this option eliminate the need to unground the brushes? Its just a thought….just wondering what all of you think. Thanks for the diagram….just wanna make sure I get it done right without burning out parts that I can’t afford lol.

  50. the_misplaced1 says:

    One other question…..for those that are are running this exact diagram including the ungrounding of the brushes…..have you had any issues? If not how long have you been running this system? Thanks again for the input…..your help is invaluable.

  51. Trent says:

    you can get the nylon screws at home depot or lowes in the specialty hardware bins. Just an FYI

  52. JESUS TEJEDA says:

    hola mi bicicleta no tien los 7 cables le falta el cafe necesito un diagrama para esecorectificador quien me pude ayudar saludos de mexico

  53. JESUS TEJEDA says:

    amigos saludos chihuahua mex necesito de su ayuda quien me puede enbiar un diagrama de un regulador y rectificador combinado de 6 puntas pera puntos su
    ayuda es inbaluable gracias

  54. The Flying Imp says:

    do you have to unground the brushes only if your reg/rec is solid state or do you unground the brushes no matter what reg/rec you use?

  55. Brian Wedge says:

    Ted, i have a 76 xs650 with a reg and rect with points ,but they’re not a combo unit. will this wiring diagram still work.need to get some sort of wiring going.

  56. carl fields says:

    i have a 83 yamaha xs650. and I will be working on the wiring this weekend. i still have all the factory plug ends and i bought a 8 pin wiring harness from tc. bros any usefull input would be greatful

  57. pete bailey says:

    anyone know how to wire up reg rec with six wires, also six wires coming from alternator, got boyer elec ignition, help………….

  58. norm younger says:

    i have wired by bike by the diagram above. i ungrounded the brushes and when i turn on the ignition i blow the fuse between the reg/rec. i put in a bigger fuse and it doesnt blow but i still dont pull a charge. does any body have any ideas? please help

  59. norm younger says:

    i mean the 10 amp fuse between the reg/rec and the positive terminal on the battery

  60. pete bailey says:

    dont forget the exiter wire from the switch to the alt.

  61. pete bailey says:

    you must run a live wire to the alt to magnetise it, because it aint a permenent magnet alternater…….good luck…

  62. norm younger says:

    i have a live wire from the switch to the brown from the reg/rec that also runs to the black from the stator still wont pull a charge.

  63. pete bailey says:

    i have biult two xs650 bobbers and have wired them the same as you have, and i did not unground the brushes, both bikes are doing well, BUT i have just finnished biulding an xs2 with points, now this is [as far as i can see] the only one you need to unground, then wire up to six wire reg/rec….OH yea i fitted boyer branson to this one.. I think you might need need to get your stator and rotor checked out….

  64. norm younger says:

    you wired it like the diagram above but didnt unground the brushes? I read that that will burn up your stator.

  65. norm younger says:

    What one do you think you have to unground? per you post on the july 3.

  66. pete bailey says:

    on the models with combined reg/rec you are really wiring it up the same as yamaha wired it up, so why unground the wires from the brushes, [it was ok for yamaha] now if you are wiring an xs2 or a points bike with seperate reg and rec then ungrounding is a must….as i said both my bikes have done well over 3000 miles and seem to be fine with out ungrounding the brushes…I am not an electician but i can only say what has worked for me

  67. Bill Selkirk says:

    So I have been battling charging issues for two months, first tested rotor, it was bad, replaced it then tested the stator checked out ok, then I realized my combined reg/ rec from mikes xs burned up in the process “incorrectly wired possibly” , so I then replaced that with a reg/rec from an 1981 xs 650 I wired it all up according to the above diagram and still no charge. So I began the diagnostic tests and in the process found that when I disconnected the green from the reg/rec and hooked it directly to my (-) terminal on my battery and I got 14.4 VDC, Which to the best of my knowledge means two things either bad ground to the reg/rec or bad regulator. So here are my questions…
    1. Is there something in my wiring that could cause my reg/rec to burn up?
    2. Why in the original separate reg/rec is the black going to the brushes grounded, and now in the new diagram it is fed “juice”? Leaving the green the “controlled” (-) from the Reg/ rec to the (-) side of the brushes this being the “green wire to the brush assembly”
    Do we switch the roles of the brushes when using these earlier models Reg/rec?

  68. RichieB says:

    Thanks everyone for this great site. Been lookin for a couple years & finally just got a ’79. I picked up a reg/rec from eBay. It’s actually off an XJ550. I took a good look at it & yup, it’s got 3 white wires, a red, a black, a brown wire and a yellow wire. WTF? YELLOW?!? Should I hook it ip to the green from the stator? I don’t wanna just assume I should. Can anyone or everyone help? I don’t have the dough to be burnin up my charging system.

  69. pete bailey says:

    fire it up without the yellow wire not conected and see if you get a charge, there is a yellow wire coming from the alt witch is not required…….

  70. RichieB says:

    @pete bailey,
    Thanks for the idea, but if I do that, it still leaves the green wire from the stator with nothing to hook up to. Unfortunately I’m not even at the rewiring stage yet. Right now my bare frame is sittin on the garage floor waiting for my G&L hardtail to get here (any day now). I’m just trying to get my crap together about wiring up the charging system. That’s gonna be the hardest part for me. Well, that and the carbs. I’ll be having questions bout those too when I get to em.

  71. pete bailey says:

    the green wire from the stater should connect to green from reg/rec. remember the green wire is normally from the brush………….

  72. RichieB says:

    Thanks again Pete. But there exactly is my problem. I don’t have a green wire on my reg/rec. It’s yellow. All the other colors are there…red, black, brown & (3)whites, but no green. Yellow instead. That’s why I was wondering if I should hook everything up as in the diagram above, but the yellow from my reg/rec to the green from stator?

  73. Danny says:

    Thanks Ted and Wayward Wayne for your diagram and hints! I followed it with only slight mods, and got my bike running quickfast 🙂 The tip about switching the orange and gray if you get backfire through the carbs saved me a lot of time troubleshooting! Was able to recognize what was going on and fix it quick. Keep up the great work!

  74. bryan says:

    i used the diagram and got the bike to start and run but backfires alot and wont hold a charge. seems like it dies while i ride it any suggestions??

  75. bryan says:

    its a 81 with the tci ignition and i was told to unground the stator should i have not done that?

  76. Andrew Lewis says:

    i have a 79xs and im using a reg/rect combo from an 81…the wires coming from my stator are confusing me. i have the 3 whites, but the other two wires are just black…i guess what im asking is which brush goes to which wire on the reg/rect…so looking at the picture, the wire on the left would go to…and the wire on the bottom right would go to … any help?

  77. Danny v says:

    If anyone is having problems with the wiring go on youtube and search XS650 Charging System How to Wire it Up – Continued . this is what i followed and it was perfect. Its very easy.

  78. DENNI$ says:

    dang it!! (does not subscribe to youtube)

  79. ALf says:

    why does the orange go from the reg/rec to the +batt? i thought the 3 whites bring ac to it and the orange sends pwr out??

  80. ALf says:

    in the video it is called brown and goes from the regrec to key sw and brush,, in the diagram,, brown or orange goes from regrec to brush and batt+???

  81. ALf says:

    answered my own Q. ,, the br/or does go to key switch and brush,,, now the real Q is my bike does not have the br/or going to the key switch,, is that why its not charging?

  82. Danny v says:

    My xs is a 78 and the video is exactly how I did my electric. I have no charging issues at all. If u are having problems charging I would check the stator. I had to replace mine and that fixed the problem. Check out

  83. Ted says:

    Tcbros have Put together a wiring harness that takes out all the guesswork if you’re having problems – It’s worth checking out.

    1970-79 Yamaha XS650 Chopper Wiring Harness (points ignition)

  84. ALf says:

    ok thx , ill do that

  85. Ross says:

    I have a 1980 XS650 that came with a boyer micro ignition unit. I connected the wires just like the you tube video by cyclechurch666 I think was his user id, anyways I ran the wires like he said but the wires on my pick up coil were cut off. Blk, gray and orange I think are the colors. And it has no points. And now I have no spark? Can any one please help?

  86. sean says:

    I have a 72 xs2 with a reg/rectifier off a 82 xv750 i know the yellow wire from the stator is eliminated but i still have a green and black wire coming off the stator like in the diagram but on the regulator the wire colors are 3 white(to stator) black and red(to battery) and a yellow and brown. Where do they go??

  87. Kris R. says:

    Hey everyone- need some help.

    I have a TC Bros reg/rec combo being installed on a ’78 with stock points ignition. I hooked everything up according to this diagram, and installed a 20 amp fuse between the + battery terminal and the power to the ignition switch and reg/rec. I did not unground the stator, at the instruction of someone at TC Bros. But, I’m still blowing the fuse whenever I flip the key. Any ideas? Is it possibly related to the grounded stator?

  88. Danny v says:

    Don’t listen to TC choppers. Unground it

  89. R. Weide says:

    I bought a point ignition engine to replace my other xs engine. My wire harness is ok, so do i only have to unground the brushes with te screws and rearrange some wires in my wiring?

  90. R. Weide says:

    Additional to my post above: my other/old engine was an electric ignition engine.

  91. Danny v says:

    On January 25 I added a YouTube video on this post. I followed it and it worked perfectly.

  92. mike says:

    i am` trying this attached wiring diagram however the 3 nylon screws i need to unground the brushes does not look the same as the picture, i have 2 different wires it looks like a blk. and brown and they are kiddie corner from one another not next to each other which color gets the last nylon screw??? i have a 78 xs

  93. pete bailey says:

    look closely and you will see that there is only two wires to unground so you only need two plastic screws, the other screw is on the holder and does not need to be ungrounded.. these wires are connected two the brushes [only two brushes]
    usually the two wires are one green and one black.. hope this helps you…….

  94. nick kolasa says:

    so I’ve had my bike wired exactly as shown above with new combo r/r, new stator rotor assembly and to new coils. after about a week of riding i notice my bike was continuously missing. come to find out i blew one of my coil packs up. does anyone no why this could be happening? i replaced it and it happened again after about another week or so. i went threw all of my wires and nothing is loose or shorted.

  95. nick kolasa says:

    i have a 72 xs650 btw

  96. mike says:

    thanks pete, that makes sense, but the schematic shoes the green wire with a metal screw in it? is the illustration incorrect? thankyou for your response

  97. Nick Kolasa says:

    So do you have any suggestions on how to go about fixing this issue? Also most of my wiring is brand new except for the wires going from the stator to r/r assembly.

    Thanks for the quick response.


  98. mike says:

    I am ready to try this wiring diagram but before i hook it up to the battery i need to make sure of the plastic screw placement, i have a 78xs and the 2 wires on the brushes on mine are kiddie corner from one another not next to each other (one blk and one that looks to be brn.) in the picture it appears the blk. has a plastic screw and the other a metal screw, pete had posted that both wires need plastic screws. could anyone give me a little more clarity on 1) is pete or the illustration correct? 2) why are my 2 wires on opposite corners of the 4 screws? 3) if the illustration is correct do i just need to unground the blk. wire with a nylon screw? thanks

  99. pete bailey says:

    the first two xs650 bobbers that i built i did not unground the brushes and they are still going strong after at least four thousand miles, both these bikes had the same system as you have. dont forget that yamaha didnt unground the brushes. I would start the bike and put a meter across the battery terminals and if you have steady charge of between 13 and 14.8 volts then you have got lift off…..good luck..

  100. Kris R. says:

    For what it is worth-

    I wired my ’78 XS with this diagram and a TC Bros reg/rec. With the brushes un-grounded, the charging system would not charge the bike. I had to push the bike home 30 blocks on four different occasions. I re-grounded the brushes and it worked fine after that.

    I really think the stator brush ground discussion is based on your reg/rec, not your bike. I’ve heard people who un-ground their brushes mention using a reg/rec off of an older bike, which (I suspect) is the reason for the un-grounded brushes. If you’re using a modern reg/rec for the XS 650 (TC Bros, Mikes XS, Hugh’s Handbuilt, etc.), I’m fairly convinced you don’t need to un-ground the brushes.

    I’ve since installed a Hugh’s Handbuilt PMA and don’t have to worry about this anymore.

  101. pete bailey says:

    i think your right, it is the reg/rec that makes the difference, always use a modern reg/rec and you will probably have a better chance of getting it up and running……..

  102. mike says:

    Thankyou for so much valuable info. i have a 81 xj650 reg/rec from what i here i would be better off to unground the brushes and check voltage when it is running i would love to leave it in stock configuration but from what i gather this would probably not work with the older reg/rec
    my only other question is why is just the blk. wire ungrounded? i think it makes sense as you said pete to unground both wires.
    thankyou chris also for your comments very useful info and if i fry this reg/rec i will get a more modern one.
    i guess i will try it with the blk. wire ungrounded and go from there
    i will not be home until friday so any last comments will be greatly appreciated before i give her a try.

  103. Kris R. says:

    Something I forgot to mention in my previous comment: when I grounded my brushes with the TC Bros reg/rec, I connected the black wire coming from the stator to my frame/negative battery terminal. The black wire coming from the stator is the stator ground, and should not be connected to the red power wire (as this diagram shows) if the brushes have the stock metal ground screws in them– unless you want to blow fuses or melt down your electrical system.

    Mike- there is no way for me to say if you should unground the stator or not. I think it depends on the way that reg/rec was designed. If the reg/rec has the same wires that a stock XS reg/rec or a modern XS reg/rec has, then (if it were me wiring it up) I’d wire it up with the brushes grounded and the ground wire from the stator going to your main ground. Make sure to wire in a 20 amp fuse between the positive battery terminal and the ignition switch and reg/rec. The fuse will save you if the wiring is wrong. Run the bike, put a voltage meter on it and see what your charging voltage is like at 3000 rpms or so– should be 13.2v-14.4v. If that setup doesn’t work, try this diagram with the brushes ungrounded.

    Good luck.

  104. mike says:

    thankyou kris connecting the blk stator ground to a red was puzzling to me to but i figured if the blk stator wire was ungrounded (nylon screw) it was ok (somehow)
    so if i try it your way (do not worry i would NEVER cry to you if it did not work) i think we have all had setbacks building bikes, but it does leave another question, in the diagram the brown from the reg/rec splits, one going to blk stator and one to ign. if i run blk. stator wire straight to ground does the brown reg/rec just go to ign.? i REALLY appreciate all the input.
    the wire color on my reg/rec match up with the connector coming off the motor
    thanks for your time

  105. Kris R. says:

    Yeah, brown wire on reg/rec goes to the switched power. Then you also have a red wire which goes to the positive battery terminal.

    Good luck.

  106. mike says:

    thankyou so much for your input and suggestions , i think i will put the metal screws back in, put the fuses in and see if i can get some spark. i will post the results

  107. mike says:

    i was finishing up the wiring to see if we can get some spark , i checked the wire colors for the stator to make sure i was grounding the blk to batt. when i discovered the 2 wires were green and brown (no blk.) so i ask (yet another ques.) which color is considered blk.? i assume it is the brn. since green is going straight from reg/rec to stator thanks

  108. Kris R. says:

    Not sure. Figure out which one is connected to the stator brush grounds. Pop off the little stator cover and see which color wire is connected to the three brush ground screws.

  109. pete bailey says:

    green is usually one of the brushes……..

  110. mike says:

    as i had mentioned in an earlier post the illustration above shows the 2 stator wires next to each other (as does another motor i have) and one of those wires is blk.
    the engine i am using has the 2 wires on opposite corners from one another each one is holding the springs down for the brushes so there is a wire on each brush (i hope that makes sense) this is my first yamaha project i was into the hondas but i have the 650 bug so i have 2 650s and 4 motors (1 for parts) but this is the best engine so i really would like to use it.
    so i guess i have to try and figure out this odd ball with all of your wonderful help.
    i do not have a shop manual for the 650s yet (but i will) i was going to see if the brn. off the stator goes to blk. after the connector. i do not have to much of the stock wiring harness so i do not have much to go by. thanks for all of your help

  111. Cd says:

    Could you email me that wire diagram plear

  112. mike says:

    so i guess i start over a little, when i bought the bike i was told it was a 1978, upon further research in 1980 they changed the stator wiring which includes a brown and green wire at the stator brushes so now i need to find a schematic for the different stator configuration, i am so sorry for wasting your time, i will post my end results hopefully to save some one else some time, any thoughts?

  113. Kris R. says:

    If it’s a 1980, it should have a TCI electronic ignition. In that case, I’m not sure how the wiring diagram would look, as my bike has a points ignition. This diagram is for a points ignition, as well.

  114. mike says:

    Well i do have points, and my stator has a green & brown from the stator and those wires are in opposite corners(of the 4 screws) each holding down a separate metal strip (spring retainer) so if a 1980 is tci then someone must have put a 70-79 top end on a 80 btm. end (wont that stink) i guess i will keep trying to find answers

  115. pete bailey says:

    there should be little or no difference if you run points or electronic ignition, an alternator is an alternator they are all the should have three wires that are white or yellow they are your field magnets, there might be a plastic covered yellow wire coming from your alt this is not required [cap it] you should have a green wire and a black wire coming from your brushes, a red wire and a brown..some reg/rec have six wires some have seven both will work if correctly wired.dont for get your exiter wire to the alt…….

  116. mike says:

    i agree, and i know i do not explain things well, my brush wires are green and brown there is no black wire. the other difference about my brush set up compared to the picture above is the 4 screws involved with the brushes my brown and green wires are kiddie corner from one another not on the same side as in the picture, it is a change that supposedly was done in 1980 and has something to do with the way they grounded the stator so i do not know if i should ground or unground this setup. i just googled to ground or unground stator wires for xs650 and found out about these changes thanks pete

  117. mike says:

    well it is me again, and it looks as through i have a 1980 btm. end and a 70-79 top end (points) the 1980 stator is already ungrounded hence the brown and green brush wire colors and it appears i can just run the brown to ignition green to reg/rec. and wire the rest per above schematic. so thats what i will try. i will post results (crossed fingers)

  118. mike says:

    in closing the bike had great spark and ran great, took it up and down the street, tried to check the running voltage but all i would get was varying readings (jumping around) but when i turned the motor off it was still at 12.47v

  119. stringer stairs details says:

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    . I’ll bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally? I am glad to find numerous helpful information right here in the put up, we want work out more techniques on this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  120. thefatguy says:

    I have a rec/reg combo from I don’t no what. It only has 3 white,red,black, and brown….there’s no green on this rec. So my question is what am I gonna do with the green wire from the brush? I’m using a simple ignition from auto parts store. Can I just run it to the ignition post on the ignition with the brown and black wire?

  121. pete bailey says:

    remember that the two wires from the brushes are pos and neg, so there is a live coming from one and earth from the other..

  122. thefatguy says:

    So Im guessing the green wire is going to be my negative since the black wire is going to the ignition…..thanks Pete I was just over thinking the whole thing…..thanks for the help

  123. mike says:

    Hi, i have followed this schematic and the bike runs great and all the lights, horn brk. lights, ignition work as they should.
    but after riding i have 12 volts at the battery but if i let it sit with ign. and everything off i get a draw on the battery down to 1volt after about 12 hours. any help out there.

  124. Jake g says:

    Hey guys just wondering if you can help? I have a 1980 xs 650 with points and I’m trying to wire up a regulator/rectifier I bought of eBay. From the stator my bike has 3 brown wires 1 green 1blue 1black. The new regulator has 2 plugs 1 plug has 3 white 1red 1black and the other plug has 1brown 1green. Can anybody tell me what wires to connect? Cheers jake

  125. Willem says:

    Hi guys,
    English is not my native language but I’ve tried to understand the discussion.
    My question is also about the green wire. My new regulator has six wires instead of seven.
    Can I just not usethe green wire? Or do I have to ground it?

    Can anyone help me????

    Willem – Holland

  126. pete says:

    green wire goes to one of the brushes on the stater …..

  127. Willem says:

    Thanks Pete, the green comes from the rectifier in the old situation. The new regulater/rectifier doesn’t seem to have a green wire connection. Can I put it on the battery or together with the brown wire I have?
    Or can I do without the green wire.

  128. pete says:

    two wires come from your brushes that are in your stater one is pos/ and one neg..if you have not got a green wire from your reg then i would try and see if you have a spark,[ kick it over] if no spark then ground the green wire then try again….