The XS Sicsfidy is based on a 1978 Yamaha XS 650. It came all the way (about 12+ hours) from Ft. Nelson in northern B.C. to Smithers in western B.C.

The bike arrived all put together, finger tight, supposedly as a rolling chassis with a fresh motor. The owner Jeff Browne brought it to Eyecandy Custom Cycles for the build completion, wiring and inspection. The very first thing the shop did was to hook up the Pamco ignition and make the bike a “runner” then installed a modern, solid state regulator to make it charge because a bike is nothing without a “heart beat”.

The next thing to do was make it safe and functional in order to get a “pass and a stamp” on the inspection sheet. The bike had to be stripped to the frame and most of the original spotty welds and crooked tabs removed for a fresh start. The next move was to rebuild both spoked wheels in order to center the 21″ front wheel in the 6 over Hardbody springer and make the 16″ rear one follow in line for a proper rolling chassis.


The owner wanted a new “rounded contour rear fender” that hugs the tire instead of the “trailer fender” it arrived with. Of course hidden mounts and reflective, flaming skull struts had to be fabricated in order to create a bit of a cool factor. The hidden LED tail light is highly visible from the rear and functions as run, brake and signal lights. All of the electrical harness was custom made for this motorcycle in house.


The low CG battery box is easily accessible and is a functional electrical panel that hides all the “nasties” and keeps them safe from harm. Randy’s Image created the “one off” reflective “XS Sicsfidy” decal on the battery box. The forward controls are custom fit for the owner’s tall stature and he sits comfortably on the solo seat suspended by a pair of Harley beehive valve springs.


Chrome H-D style switch housings and grips on one inch drag bars are an easy reach for the pilot. The Acewell digital speedo/tach is nestled in between the 4″ chrome risers and is easy to see but out of the line of site. Bright LEDs on the gauge indicate neutral, hi/lo and turn signals on the blue back lit gauge.

The top motor mount was fabricated in shop by Jason Mcmurdo as was the battery box, seat mounts and struts. The paint on this bike was done “in house” by Sam Henderson of Eyecandy Customs by special request of the owner.

The deep “metal specks” green sheet metal sits on a frame that appears to be a gloss black in low light but POPS multi color iridescence in the sun light. This bike is light and nimble and the six fifty Yamaha twin makes plenty of power making it a GAS TO RIDE.


Photographer Trevor Sowers and model Cassidy Carter make this sleek green jewel look great!

Submitted by Sam Henderson

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