FAST, LOUD, and HARDCORE! “Bratty Bob!”

The powerplant is a 1976 Yamaha xs650 that had 16,051 miles on the speedo when taken apart, and since the build completion I’ve put on another 110 or so miles.  Using the stock frame I chopped the rear off and made dagger sweeps behind the seat and lowered the seat rails. I fab my own battery boxes, and license plate brackets, and always like to do something slightly different on each bike as far as electronics go.

I made up my own harness out of a stock one and misc.  Installed a PAMCO pointless electronic ignition with push button start and kick start, and a ton of other new and home made components.  I spent a lot of time on the carbs and re-jetted about 5 times to find the best main/ pilot setup so it just rips around town.  I painted it something fun for the photo shoot, but will be re-painting it next week to it’s new owners desired color preferences.


This bike, just as the rest of my bikes are, is a pure labor of love!  Out of all of the bikes and cars that I’ve created in the past this one is the most significant to me.  It wasn’t the first or the last, the fastest or the prettiest, but it was the best way that I could show my appreciation to my one of the most important people in my life, my step-father Robert “Bob” Crate, a retired master-mechanic who could build, repair, and fabricate anything under the sun.


After losing my father this past March whom I was only beginning to build a relationship with after 29 years of life, I lost my step-father (Bob) only  a mere 6 weeks later, whom I’ve had a wonderful relationship with my entire life!

This was all around the time that I began this project that you see here.  So I did the only thing that was adequate enough to help me cope with my loss (other than pray)…shut myself in the garage (with love and support from my wife and kids) and went at it.


Pops watched me tear this bike down to the frame as I began, but unfortunately he never got to see this bike be finished before his passing.  So in only 3 weeks I rebuilt it from the frame up and I dedicate this bike to him.  And since he and my mother used to jokingly refer to eachother as brats it was only perfectly fitting to call this bike…”Bratty Bob!”
Thanks to all!
Metal Soul Engineering