This is a build I just finished. EVERYTHING was modified and fabricated by myself except the TC Bros hardtail, which I modified by cutting it straight down the center and slugging and sleeving it to accept a 5.5” wide Harley wheel running a 200mm tire.

I built the jackshaft by sourcing various parts and sprockets and mounting it on a heavy duty battery/electronics box which I built and then welded to the frame.

The jockey shifter and mount were formed and welded out of plain flat stock steel by myself. The top of the jockey shifter was made with some old 7/8” tracker bars I had and was topped with a chrome grip and bar end light which I wired in as my neutral light.

The xs650 clutch worm gear was modified and welded by myself to operate through the cover with a splined lever and the forward controls.

The clutch hand lever on the shifter is also operational depending how I feel like riding that day.

All of the aluminum was polished by myself and the paint job was also done by me using a dark blue pearl flake with a black base coat underneath.

Everything was painted with rattle cans from Kustom Canz and cleared with Spraymax 2k clear. I layed all of the pinstripes and silver leaf also.

I also did numerous other engine upgrades like a PMA and electronic ignition…etc.

There’s a ton of other little details I did that you’ll notice in the photos.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Submitted by Josh