The Best (homemade) Bike Table Ever

I recently built a table for my bike.  Width- 16″, Length – a foot longer than my wheelbase, Height-18”.  First I Built a 2×4 frame and covered it with plywood and put blocks on the front of the table so the bike wouldn’t roll forward.


Then I drilled holes in the frame for a pipe to go through so the table could rotate up against the wall and out of the way when not in use.  To mount it I cut two 2X4s to stick out from the studs for the pipe to go through. I put the pipe through the 2x4s and then through the table.


Then mounted two eye-bolts on both sides of the table for tie downs.  Then I built a block for the other end of the table the same height as the bottom of the table in the pipe. Done!



Rolled the bike on the table, hooked up the tie downs, and started jacking up the table. Made sure to ratchet the tie downs for each step up with the jack.  Once at the right height, placed the block under the end and worked away! Strong enough to kick my bike on!



  1. Clifton says:

    LCC for sure.

  2. Steve says:

    Lets see some pic’s of the bike .

  3. me likey. very innovative and utilitarian.

  4. Earz says:

    Great idea, dig the bike. Got the wheels turning in my head. Too bad my garage walls are concrete. Maybe I can make a stand alone bench?? Hmmmm

  5. Eric says:

    Ditto what Steve said– more shots of that bike, Ted.

  6. Justin Saxton says:

    Here you go for the black bike(it’ll be for sale this spring):

  7. Spun says:

    If this is the same bike I’m thinking of i’ts a killer ride. and if I’m not mistaken there is another one in the family. Nice table to, way to go.

  8. metalhead says:

    your garage kinda reminds me of my old kitchen!

    That’s where I used to build my bikes.

    thanks for the idea though. I finally have a garage and have been bitching since day one about having to work on the floor. (gots bad knees, must be getting old)

  9. REEB! says:

    Very nice. My garage is finished tho so I opted for the harbor freight lift got it on sale and sweet talked the manger down to 275. Don’t know how I ever worked with out a lift.

  10. Mike says:

    Cool. Though I prefer to use a winch attached to my ceiling, means I have to remove tank and seat to attach straps to frame,but I can lift to any height and remove wheels easy.