This is my 82 Yamaha xs650. I bought it as a frame and motor with custom made pipes. It came with a tank and seat. I bought everything else and put most of it together.

I had some help to get it finished, most the parts are from tcbros . They are good people. I also painted it myself, it was my first frame and tank, so there are flaws, but it’s cool it’s been converted to rear disc brakes.

Also has a foot clutch that is cable operated it’s sketchy to learn on but all good I also made the suicide shifter out of stuff I had laying around in the garage.

It’s not in it’s final stage, yet I’ll probably tear it down over the winter and repaint it due to having to add things welded on!

The wiring isn’t hidden like I want, but it was just so I could ride and finish out the season. It has a push button start but also the kicker I found on an old 70s-80s pedal from a bicycle that I used for the kicker I bought the bike back in March.

Finished it literally 5 days ago even tho I was told choppers take a year plus to build. lol. But haters gonna hate, but all in all the bike looks dope.

It rides nice. It’s a little sketch, but that’s what comes with building a chop. It was always a dream to build a bobber/chopper.

I got sober 4yrs ago and when I was telling my tattoo artist I wanted to build a bike he said, “s*** buy my frame” and I did.

I got a slamming deal on it. It was hardtailed already. I know who did the fab work with the frame and pipes so at least I knew everything that was welded would be good and then from there I just went to town.

I knew the look I was going for and just started ordering parts and putting it together. Some days I loved working on it. Some I wanted to light it on fire and be done with it. But that’s all part of the process and I so pumped it’s done and I can finally enjoy it.

It’s gotten a lot of attention when I’m out riding so that’s a good feeling, but I’m not gonna lie, trying to learn the foot clutch and jockey shifter is not easy lol.

I haven’t been on a bike in about 12 years, but it’s cool I’ll get it (I stall alot lol) . But yea all in all I’m happy. Bike looks decent and it starts and moves under it’s own power!!!

The learning curve was gnarly too I don’t really know bikes I’m a painter and I build low as hell cars, but I was up for the challenge realizing that some of these parts were based off Harley was confusing trying to order the right stuff and make everything work, but I know now and the next one I do is gonna be rad hopefully you guys like it and thank you.

Submitted by Troyhaven