1983 xs650 project I’ve been building. I bought this bike bone stock for $350 and 3,000 miles on it. Started cutting and welding and never looked back ! It all started with the purchase of a wise guy intake then it just went crazy from that point on.

I lowered it with Hughes 3″ lowering goodies in the forks and some rebel 250 rear shocks. We pulled the motor, cleaned up the frame and stared spraying the flake and kandies but I still wasn’t satisfied so it received some shaving of the ol fork legs and some polishing and a set of custom built fork shrouds from our buddies over at bnr Motorsports. A sweet set of zombie performance squid bars and some super trick eBay special grips

This bike lived on the motorcycle lift for about couple months before it received the motor splatted right back into the fresh flake and kandy frame. I wasn’t happy with the tank so I had my buddy Trevor at psychotic works of art hand paint and patina the tank for me before I cleared it ! But before clear he decided to do some patina gold leafing on the tank.

After I had it almost where I wanted we then converted the bike back to points and have a hidden push button for the starter but for the “ cool “ factor it gets kick started 90 percent of the time. The motor was painted and polished aside from the right side cover which is sitting on the shelf waiting for winter so I can have the bike down long enough to install it.

Riding season was coming to an end pretty quickly so we just left the stock cover on this bike has been a huge game changer for our small business. I’ve build countless harleys and other Japanese motorcycles for people but this xs 650 has been the favorite build we have done.

Over the winter the bike will be receiving some fresh points and a PMA but until then it will just have to live on the battery maintainer until riding season is over. This bike was built right next to my good friends bike also a xs 650 and we get compliments and or pictures every time these bikes leave the shop.

We plan to have a few more of these builds but since the work has picked up it has helped us build up and now we will be receiving a new building to crank out more custom paint work and custom bikes.

We have made many new friends with these bikes from parts suppliers and builders such as the talented crews of BNR Motorsports , tc bros , low brow , zombie performance, mikes xs , speaking with the legend Joe Wise Guy himself.

These builds are such a great learning adventure and the people and friends along the way make looking at these machines in the distance while someone is snapping pictures all with it.

Submitted by Will Farrell