-02 2015

John – I built this bike in 2 weeks. Originally traded it for my 77 Gs1000 I nailed together in a week and rode for 2 years. Met a guy that fell in love and traded me a bone stock 77 special  it sat in the garage for 3 years and then mid August I decided to spend the cash to pick up the last pieces I wanted to build it right and spot on. 

-01 2015 -04 2015 -05 2015 -06 2015

The bike was built as selfish as possible with very little tips or ideas from any of my buds..

The most unique part of the bike in my mind is the PIAA headlight and the cadilac brake pedal that was donated to the build from a good friend of mine.  Other than that it’s the run of the mill operation  PMA and pamco set up runs flawless.  17/30 ratio keeps me runnin with the rest of the HD boys I follow.

-07 2015

I currently have no other Xs buds to ride with  but I got a bud with a chopped hard strutted kz1000 that I can always rely on to tow me home lol  anyway thanks for checking her out  …