Clean, no nonsense, hard core riding…

Year: 1984 – Describe Your XS650: I picked the XS650 to work with because It\’s cheap clean and easy to work on. I\’m 30yo but I really only get excited about styles and builds from before I was born. Especially 60’s Frisco. To me this stands for clean, no nonsense, hard core riding and this bike reflects my interpretation of this. Jockey mounted mid foot controls, lane splitter bars, stripped down, stock rake and a 3 inch stretch to give the bike even proportions in the frame. I ribbed the sporty tank and dropped the tunnel to complement the very steep angle of the XS back bone. Built the hard tail to

drop the ride height and rolled the front fender on my English wheel so it would be wide enough to sit over the back wheel. To me master cylinders are ugly and out of place in retro builds so that’s why I have created a remote set up behind the head light. This cleans the bars up and allows for cables to be used.


About 2 years ago I posted a thread on the “JJ” asking about building bikes for a living. All I got was don’t do it messages. Well, I do this full time now and I cant imagine doing anything but this, so stay tuned for more to come. Later Twig.