Biker bars are popular clubs where bikers go to hang out. Though just because they are popular does not mean they are without trouble, either. There are things that you could do that get your rear kicked in a biker bar. This could be anything from patches you wear, to other things that you shouldn’t do in a biker bar. Now, you might be wondering what could cause you to get your rear kicked in a biker bar, we’ll take a look at a few examples and see what Professional Monkey in the YouTube video below has to say.

1% Patch

The first way to get the crap beaten out of you is to put a 1% patch on your vest, especially if you don’t know what that means. These patches are very easy to get and to come across during specific events. It is understandable, though, because people might like the design or just like the patch itself. But if you wear this in a biker bar and don’t know what it means, you’ll get your rear kicked. What this patch means is that you are a one percenter (an outlaw) and if you’re not and bikers find this out, you’ll get your butt kicked.

The best practice here is to probably not wear it around other bikers, especially at a biker bar. If you’re going to wear it, wear it in a different public setting where people won’t get mad over you not knowing what it means.


Some people might not care about this one, but others might care about this. A rocker is a patch that has top and bottom text, with a symbol or insignia in the middle. This is because it is related to a show called “Sons of Anarchy” and bikers don’t really like it when you play Sons of Anarchy. The best practice here, like with the previous one, is to not wear it around bikers, especially in a biker bar. This will be a good way to get the crap beaten out of you.

A bonus one is to not wear anything that has to do with “Sons of Anarchy” as well. Bikers don’t like that and usually don’t like the show, likely because it gives bikers a bad reputation.

Lone Wolf Patches  

Now some people may wear these types of patches and not realize that it could be offensive to some bikers out there as well. Of course, it is fine if you wear it, but you have to be careful because it could offend some other bikers out of there. These patches usually imply that you are not in a club and that you’re by yourself. This means a few different things.

For starters, it is pretty obvious when you’re not in a club and bikers can usually see that since you would be riding out by yourself. The second reason why bikers might not like this is that it comes off as you are looking down on other bikers who are in clubs, and not alone. The third reason why bikers might not like these patches is that to them, it feels like you’re telling them you’re too good to join a club if you’re wearing a lone wolf patch. The last reason as to why you shouldn’t wear these is because they usually come in the form of rockers as well, and they don’t like rockers because of the reasons mentioned above.

Now, you obviously might not mean it in the way of offending other bikers, but that is how it is usually received by them, regardless of meaning. These are all reasons to not wear one of these patches because a biker might kick your butt. Of course, you can still wear these, but it is best to not wear these patches around other bikers or at a biker bar.

Learn to read different patches

This one kind of goes hand in hand with the patch thing we mentioned earlier, especially with the 1% patches and the lone wolf patches. Learning to read patches will be beneficial for you because you’ll be able to tell who part of what club is. You’ll be able to tell if there are many motorcycle clubs present, or riding clubs present.

Either way, learning to read these patches also will help you understand someone’s journey in a motorcycle club. These patches very much represent where a person has been and what events they have been to. On top of that, you can be aware of what clubs might spell trouble for you depending on the patches a biker is wearing. This should be obvious, but most motorcycle clubs have patches for their own club.

This will better help you understand patches so you don’t cause trouble by wearing one that could be offensive to some bikers. Now you don’t have to learn it in depth to figure out who hates who, or which club hates which club, but learning to read patches will be beneficial to look out for who might be trouble.

Assuming a biker might hurt you will PROBABLY get you hurt

This goes with what we mentioned earlier with being on the lookout for bikers that might cause trouble for you by reading patches. If you try to look tough, these people will mess with you. But this is all good and fun, and usually, bikers don’t mean any harm when they do that. Having an understanding that these people are often times joking will go a long way.

Do not take their horseplay or jokes as a threat because it might come off as rude or disrespectful to these bikers. This can lead to you getting hurt instead of just “taking it on the chin” as one would say.

These bikers will mess with you and joke around if you try to look tough and dress the part. But this is their way of complimenting you and your look. They do not mean any harm and you’ll likely go unscathed if you learn to take it as a joke. If they sense you feel threatened, then they take it as an insult.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not

We already partially talked about this within the first two items on the list- with the lone wolf patches and the 1% patches. Now, of course, if you find those patches interesting and like having them, that is one thing (but please be sure not to wear the lone wolf ones if you’re in a bar) but pretending to be something you’re will not get your butt kicked. This basically boils down to not being fake. Don’t come off as this whole “big bad guy” when you’re not.

Bikers will be able to notice this too, they can read people very well, especially other bikers. They can tell how often a patch is worn based on how dirty it looks. Don’t do this unless you want your rear end kicked. These bikers respect people that try to stay true to themselves, and this includes overdressing the part of a “bad boy biker” no biker respects that, and more often than not, true “bad boy” bikers don’t play the part and often don’t show it off.

No politics

This one might not be as obvious as one might think. Bikers come from many different walks of life, while also being a part of the biker lifestyle. Anyone can be a part of this, which is the reason why you shouldn’t talk or show off your politics when inside a biker bar. Politics are already proven to be divisive enough in society, and most bikers don’t want to hear about it when at a bar. Don’t wear stuff that tells who you voted for. This goes a step forward too with talking about politics as a whole. As mentioned, no biker wants to hear it when they are in a bar, and is a guaranteed way to get your butt kicked.

Don’t hit on women

This one should be more obvious than it sounds. We talked about bikers coming from all walks of life, and this includes women as well, obviously, if you didn’t know, women can be bikers as well (no way?!). If you see a woman in a biker bar, do not try to hit on her. More likely than not she is already taken by someone else in the bar. It is a safe practice here to assume that every woman is taken by a fellow biker. The other reason why you shouldn’t hit on women is that many bikers will just see that as disrespectful, and this is a huge no-no in biker bars. It is a guaranteed way to get your rear kicked, especially if you’ve been told to stop it beforehand. Don’t be one of those people. Go on a dating app if you wish, but there is no place for hitting on women in biker bars.

Don’t say anyone’s name or even talk about other bikers

 This one isn’t as obvious at first glance. It is natural for humans to want to talk about other people and gossip. This is very much normal in most everyday circumstances, but there is no place for dropping names in a biker bar. If you say someone’s name you could end up complimenting someone’s enemy, or maybe insult a person’s friend.

Yes, this very much is complicated, but this is also how the world works too. So, if you are friends with a fellow biker, it is better to shut up about them and never ever mention them around other bikers (unless they are mutual friends of course, then it should be okay) especially if you are in a bar. Better practice here would be to keep stuff surface level until you get to know the fellow bikers at your local biker bar better.

Talk- but be honest, too

 This goes with a few points that were mentioned earlier, especially with both #6 and #9 on the list. Of course, don’t talk about other bikers because of the reasons mentioned above, but also be yourself. This goes with #6 especially. Don’t pretend to be someone you are obviously not. This also goes a step further, but don’t talk like someone you are not, either.

Bikers don’t really like it when people dress like this “big bad” guy, so obviously you shouldn’t talk like a tough guy either, and don’t give off a tough guy attitude. These bikers do not take well to it, as they respect someone who is more honest and open with themselves over someone who is fake just to “fit in” with the biker culture.

A bonus one here as well is also knowing when to shut up and just admit when you are wrong. Of course, when talking to other bikers at these biker bars you’ll get into debates about well, anything (not including politics!). Everyone has a different viewpoint and it’s better to agree to disagree or admit that you’re wrong, bikers will respect that a lot more over being stubborn on a point that doesn’t matter.


We talked about what to do and what not to do in a biker bar, so you don’t get your rear end kicked. Of course, everyone is different and might not be offended by some of the things on this list, but it is better to assume that someone might be offended by one of these things on the list. As mentioned, it is okay to wear patches and stuff if you like them, but don’t pretend to be someone you’re not or you’ll find yourself in trouble. Bikers like it when someone is themselves.

It might be better to not wear some of these things if you plan on going to a biker bar. Outside of that, you will be fine. Learning to read different patches too, will go a long way, too. These were the best ways to get your rear end kicked at a biker bar.