Hand made chopper! Has fully custom tank, fender, and battery box. All made from sheet aluminum. Extended the front half of the frame and added detailed batwing gussets. Made the fully custom exhaust run through the chain and have a slight 2 into 1 taper off! Built a foot clutch and hand shifter lever.

With heavy duty aluminum peg mounts. I’m running rear sets as mid mids. Gave the tank and fender a few nice details and polished them. I offset the details by having brushed surfaces as well. Also running my aden customs single carb intake and a flat slide kehin carb! Runs great! Ready to put some miles on this after show season!

The attention to detail on this build is something else. I hand filed alit of details in on this build. The motor is completely stock but is extremely responsive with the flat slide single carb. I purchased the hand shifter knob off of Todd at lowbrow customs and drilled and tapped it to fit my shifter handle. I give a huge shout out to lowbrow customs.

They stock so many fab parts that I use. Such as aluminum tank filler bung and petcock bung. It saves me time machining them! Their fender mount strut kit has everything you need to weld up your own fender struts. Made my difficult build a little bit easier. Come see this in person in Pittsburgh at Glory daze!

Aden customs moto is “hand made parts in a machine made world!” I specialize in bringing your design to reality. Making gas tanks that you can picture but can not find. Also installing hard tail kits and making frame modifications. Working towards full frames in the near future! If you have a part you are looking for but can not find feel free to reach out on Facebook or Instagram @adencustoms or just shoot me a follow in case you eventually need some one off hand made parts made!

The paint was done by joe k. It’s a ford blue but many coats of clear. The black is all powder coating. When it comes to reliability and affordability we all know that xs 650 is the way to go. I will be building a race bike for land speed and plan to use the xs as a platform. Supercharged at that!

So stay tuned! Any input on supercharging an xs 650 would be greatly appreciated! Please reach out on Facebook to my aden customs page. Or to my Instagram search @adencustoms I appreciate every build I see come across this email and the Facebook pages.

A lot of hard work and dedication and hours go into these builds. And I want to say KEEP GOING! don’t stop building and doing what you love. Don’t let keyboard warriors tell you how to build or what to build. Stick to being yourself and build what you like! Again find me on Instagram at @adencustoms Or Facebook aden customs.

Thank you for checking out my build and I look forward to the next one!

Sent by Chet Aden