Pre-Shrunk 6.0 oz 100% Cotton T-shirts!

The UPS dude dropped of a couple Boxes packed full with new T-shirts the other day. There was nothing really “wrong” with our old graphic but I decided to remix it a little bit and try to improve it. I took in some constructive criticism and also looked at some of the skateboard T-shirts in my clothes pile that have stood the test of time. I gave Dwight the general idea and changes I had in mind and after a few tweaks to his sketches it was perfect.

I really wanted to make this a “high quality” shirt. So, I did a little recon and bought a bunch of black T-shirts I had my eye on to see what type of T-shirt stock others were using. Last run we used a 4.0 oz premium T-shirt which I thought was a decent T-shirt stock, but a couple friends advised me to not use it again. I just wanted to do a really kickass black T-shirt. You would be surprised at how many options there are in selecting a black T-shirt stock. Shit- there are probably thousands of options. I guess this is a long way of getting around to saying that this T-shirt is – Pre-Shrunk 6.0 oz 100% Cotton Tubular Jersey, Double-needle bottom hem and sleeves, shoulder-to-shoulder tape; preshrunk to minimize shrinkage. Man its even (NAFTA Approved) and we have some XXL this time too… It is a solid T and you should buy one or two.

And if you need more incentive to buy a shirt, how about a chance to win a badass Ardcore XS650 Bobber frame. Yep, some lucky bastard will win a Ardcore XS Bobber frame just for buying a T-shirt. Anyone who buys a T-shirt or sticker pack will automatically be entered to win a Ardcore Chopper’s frame. (Details Here)


A chance to Win a Ardcore XS650 frame!

Ardcore has been down with since day one. They’ve gotten a little business off the Ad they run in the top right sidebar and this is thier way of saying thanks to this site and readers.  I think it’s very generous of Jon Ard and the Ardcore Choppers crew for offering up one of their beautifully built XS650 frames. Some lucky greaseball will have a good summer piecing together a bike with their premium Ardcore XS frame. A big THANKS from me to Jon Ard, Nate and the Ardcore Choppers crew.

Winner Update – Randy Willey out of Iowa is the lucky bastard to win a Ardcore XS Bobber frame.

Randy check your e-mail. I hope you’re able to build a sick ride out of your new frame. And, send us some pictures.

Click here to order your shirt and a chance at Winning a Ardcore XS650 frame.

More info about Ardcore Choppers XS650 Bobber frame here.

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I thing it will be a good summer!