So I started with a 1980 xs650 with about 75% complete, which was fine with me because I knew I wasn’t going stock. I knew years ago this one was going to test my patience. The project became a left over spare time build. Because of the no hurry approach- I threw every crazy idea I had at it.

The throttle idea came to me from a trip to the boneyard. Someone pulled the front engine cover off an import and tossed it aside. The shiny aluminum caught my eye, a shaft with a worm gear spinning freely. Luckily, I found the junk car it came from with the other meshing gear still on the crank.

10$ later i had the start to my wild throttle idea. I really wanted an insanely complicated carb setup only because I’m a carburetor guy – can write over 500 words just on this – all I’m going to say is I could have shaved a year off the build if I just went with a pair if Mikuni 30’s but where is the challenge in that?

The jockey shift is made up of little spline shafts off a tunnel ram hot rod engine. I was lucky enough to do the shifter before the carb which is what gave me the high rise idea. Because of that, I looked around for the smallest vertical 2 barrel I could find. It was blind luck that the exhaust tips from a Jaguar matched the carb throat to make a cool set of velocity stacks.

The swing arm is just for the long and low look that I went after. The original idea was to have a 2nd easily removed solo seat for my wife. About 3 months into the build / or a long ass time ago / she informed me that she will not be going on any motorcycles and especially this one.

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The headlight is just small stainless tube- it looks ok, but after all the time and effort that went into it i have a much better idea that will fit the overall theme. So it will be changed. I have fresh ideas for the front master.

Not only because I can’t find one that i like, i just like making stuff. I have a cool idea for the rear brake and tail light- they are not high on my priority lost, though. The bike runs and goes and stops but still needs a lot of fine tuning- as I have said to many people, this bike will probably never be 100% finished.

There will always be an idea or cool part discovered or what ever, to make it run better or stop quicker. Just getting back from Davenport the other day has got fresh wild ideas in my head. I can wait to execute. So if you guys are interested I’m happy to do an update in a year or so for all the changes.