Hans from Holland

Hello FooXS, Here again some lines straight out of Holland, where the weather is still not an invitation to have a good ride-out. But as you know, every disadvantage has at least one advantage, this long winter period is a good opportunity to upgrade your ride, change some things and make it look better. As you know the Back 2 BasiXS bobber already has a sort of boardtracker-look, I really dig this style of race bikes used in the twenties and thirties. They’ve got that pure radiation, just a frame, an engine and a large pair of wheels.

A while ago I decided to add more of this look to my XS bobber, just by using bigger seized wheels.xs 650 bobber

In front I wanna use a 21” wheel and at the back a 18”. A XS rearhub and a 18” rim was still laying in my garage, on a Dutch graiglist I found for very less money a complete frontwheel of a Yamaha XT550. This wheel has an alloy rim and a nice and small (and good working) hub-brake. With the tyrechoise I also had some specific preferences, they must have an old style ‘block’ profile but they gotta have good grip on the tarmac of the open road.
Click to enlarge pic..
Chosen is for semi-offroad tires from Dunlop, type Trailmaster. This set of tyres I found luckely also on a graiglist, it set me back for only 75 euros and they’re brandnew! After powdercoating the rims and hubs I ordered new stainless steel spokes with a large diameter (4 mm), the nipples where chromed but after a good polish session the brass undercoat appears. These brass nipples look outstanding with the black rims and matches with all other brass parts on the XS. Think the wheels turned out nice huh? Take a look at the restyled Back 2 BasiXS…..


XSee you, Hans.