Back 2 BasiXS…Bobber From Hollland


Bare Bone Basic Bobber

Year 1972


Real Headturner.

” Hello XS fans! Here is my latest XS 650 project. A bare bone basic bobber. Overhere in Holland we have a huge number of XS enthousiasts, check our site; This bobber is based on a Zodiac hardtailframe, it has a lot of brass and homemade parts and is as you see super clean. Battery, regulator, wiring…??? It’s big fun to ride and a real headturner.


Now i’ve got ideas to mount a big single SU carb which will look damn good. Hope you dig my XS bobber.
Keep the XSpirit alive !!!
XSe you, Hans Prost, the Netherlands”



Hell Ya.. I’m so Stoked I started this blog..

The brass detail is radical! Super clean job.. The brass screen in the front hub and the vintage headlight really give the bike its own character.. High-class man… It’s really cool to see how the xs650 has such a huge worldwide appeal..

Opmaak 1

From the US to Australia to Japan to the Netherlands, mad love for the xs650. I really do think that tough durability, classic look and abundance of cheap parts makes the XS650 the perfect platform to build a KILLER CHOPPER.

Thanks Hans

If you would, tell your Netherlands Bros to send in some of their xs650s.

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  • Hans obviously put in the time to build a sick bike and I took a minute to write this up, so be cool and leave a comment..
  • Thanks Ted..


  1. trucker920 says:

    That’s an awesome 650 you built. I like the brass detail. very cool

  2. Spoke78 says:

    That looks kickass! I dig all the brass pieces. So are you going to share with us where the batt and electrical is hidden? maybe in the leather bag?

  3. SamHam2009 says:

    Mad love for the xs650. Thats good. love the bike Hans.
    Keep up the go work.

  4. I know this a chopper site but you should look at the rest of the bikes Hans built. All of his work is unbelievable!!

  5. Hans from Holland says:

    ThanXS for the compliments. Hey John, nice to see you here. Come on and share your cool XS with us. About the battery and so, all elec stuff and a small gelbattery is under/ behind the engine.
    Get rid of the useless startmotor and use the space!
    Leather toolroll is just for…well….for tools. XSee you.

  6. S!CK says:

    Ha Hans,je XS staat er weer mooi op.
    Wat ben je nu aan het bouwen?
    Gr. jan(holland)

  7. Hans from Holland says:

    Hello Jan,
    Well, also you a warm welcome here! Glad to know your XSteme Easy Dick chop would be soon to watch here to show Dutchies make ass-kickin’ chops. Contact also Ap and others to bring in their creations. Sure got new plans for a chop, several new scored parts are waiting to bolt and weld together…..keep in touch(with the dutch)

  8. Ted says:

    “Hans from Holland, keep in touch (with the dutch)” LOVE IT.

  9. Michael Narozny says:

    Sweet ride. What was your influnces to build that? It looks like a bonneville salt flat racer which I love.

  10. Hans from Holland says:

    Under what for influence? Well, Jack Daniels….haha.
    I like that style racers also, and love the 20/30ties boardtrackers.
    Think the bars are responsable for this look on my latest project, the black rims and brass details do the rest. But i’ve got news for you, this bobber recently had a makeover. It has complete different wheels and outstanding tires now. In my column I will post a few pics soon. XSee you.

  11. Jacob says:

    I am 16 and live in Florida and just want to say that is an awesome bike!!! I am saving money with my job to buy a xs650. (mom is pretty cool).

    Can you tellme what you did to the frame to get that look? WHer can I get some more pictures and information on your bike. I dont want to copy, but your bike is just like what I want to build…old skool.

    Thank you,

  12. Hans from Holland says:

    At that age such wisdom and self-knowledge, deep respect for that!
    ThanXS for compliments, dimensions of this frame are totally different than a original frame. This is an aftermarket frame (brand is Zodiac)
    which has 3 inch stretch at the rear and a 40 degrees steeringhead.
    Sure will give you a lot more info, mail me at
    This bobber was also in a UK custommagazine a few month ago, will send you also this article (easier for you to read than Dutch…)
    Greetz to DiXSie Fla. from Holland.

  13. Weed says:

    Hoppa and a large thumb for Hans.
    Goes well with your bike they know him all over the world
    Holland rules 🙂

  14. Earl Swagger says:

    Dude that bike is awsome!!! Thats almost exactly the bike i pictured in my head and wish to build. I pictured mine with a Triumph tank, higher bars, and black jugs. That tank is sweet though.

  15. kwang says:

    Hi ..Now I ben Thailand and I like you grop.
    My ride Sr400 next maby XS 650 old school.
    Thake you .

  16. Hans from Holland says:

    Klad joe laik mai crop Kwang! Baibai

  17. Weed says:

    Ga het nu niet nog moeilijker maken

  18. Bob says:

    So sweet… can’t even tell you how much I dig your bike. I have been thinking about using dirt track style tires on my bobber for a while. I like the ones you chose… What are they? Also, are the board track bars fabricated or did you find them somewhere? Keep it up man!

  19. Hans from Holland says:

    As you can see, and read, in the post; update on the Back 2 BasiXS you can see the new wheels with the tires. They’re Dunlop Trailmasters. Front is 21″ and back is 18″. Bars are made from Honda CBR clip-ons and a H-D electra bars (25mm), while the outerends are made from a 22mm bars to fit the Italian handles.

  20. Teebs says:

    Wow, can you say STANCE? A-GGRESS-IVE It’s like a pit bull straining at the leash.

    The attention to detail is amazing. Everything compliments everything else, from the paint right down to the last brass cap. Pure FLOW.

    The brass is beautiful. Any chance we could see some closeup detail shots. Like the front hub? The alternator cover? I really want to see that brass.

    Incredible, Hans. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Brent says:

    Hey Hans,

    Sweet bike man! I’m in the process on building a 79′ XS and was wondering if you could tell me what kind of white wall you have on the back of this bike. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  22. Pete Larri says:

    The Bike is great looking !
    any chance of more details?
    What is that tank from or was it custom made?

  23. Paolo says:

    A very cool machine, respect! I’m starting my own project soon, I’d love to see more pictures.

  24. ThanXS Paolo, most of my projects i’ve sold after a year ridin’, just by gettin bored in some kind of way and plans for another project….
    But with the B2B it’s a bit different, every time I step in the garage I fell in love, take a look at the sexy lines and wanna ride it.
    And that’s what happen often, even at eight in the morning or twelve at night.
    Just gotta do it, the smell, sound, feel of the grips. After almost ten thousand miles it still starts at first kick.This is my daily dope. Will do a column update soon.

  25. Schumin says:

    Hi kurz und schmerzlos das Bike ist Wahnsinn wie lange arbeitet man an so einem Motorrad und natĂĽrlich der Preis wurde mich freuen ĂĽber eine Antwort an danke