One-Off Ardcore Frame

Year 1979

” This is a one-off Ardcore frame with a jackshaft setup and running a 180 out back. HD wheels front and back wrapped with Metzelers. The frame and tins are cleared. El Pepito is rockin the Ardcore exclusive tailight, Shotgun exhaust and brass pedal kicker mod. The striping and inlay gold leaf flake are compliments of Nate (Owner of The Wizard Sleeze).


This bike is currently tore completely down, going thru a bit of a facelift……


New pics in the Spring.”

Ardcore keeps sending in mind-blowing cool 650 chopps.. Lot of cool stuff going down on this ride. The clear coated metal finish gives it a real unique appearance.. El Pepito XS650 lines and geometry remind me of Russell Mitchells exiles style, very clean raw metal. Notice the offset gear to run the 180 phatty rearwheel. The rear tail light has a real art deco kind of vintage thing going on.. I dig it.. The rear tail light reminds me of the running board lights on a old sailboat.. Can’t wait to see some more pics of this ride in the spring..

Thanks Travis.

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